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If you understand the diamond pricing method and know the up-to-date diamond prices, then you will be able to fully understand the possibilities available to you with your current budget. To increase what you can buy with your budget, the best thing you can do is buy loose diamonds at wholesale prices. The wholesale diamond prices are determined by a variety of quality factors such as the 4Cs, symmetry, measurements, polish, fluorescence and much more. Yet to be able to estimate the wholesale price of the diamond you’re looking for, you don’t need to have the extensive knowledge of a seasoned diamond expert. If you understand the 4Cs, you will have enough information to at least know what type of diamond fits your budget and together with your diamond expert you can find exact diamonds with exact wholesale prices.

Wholesale diamond price list

Diamond pricesWhen you are looking to buy loose diamonds at wholesale prices, you will come across the diamond price list (or diamond price chart). On the diamond price list, the diamond prices are arranged by carat size and compared to color grade and clarity grade. The prices you see are referred to as the Price per Carat and does not reflect the total price yet. To calculate the estimated total wholesale price for that specific loose diamond, you need to multiply the number by the size of the diamonds.
For example: If the Price per Carat for a Fancy Shape 5 carat G VS2 is $33,220, then the total wholesale price is 5 x $33,220 = $166,100.

Where to find a source that offers wholesale diamond prices

The number one source to the worldwide inventory of loose diamonds at wholesale prices is The Diamond Registry. Established in 1961 and online since 1997, The Diamond Registry has a proven track record of matching people’s diamond wishes with the perfect diamond. Through The Diamond Registry, you can buy GIA certified loose diamonds straight from manufacturers and cutters – sources usually inaccessible to the main public. You also have the option to create bespoke diamond jewelry together with our in-house jewelry designers. Ask for a free quote to set your diamond experts on the search for your perfect diamond and to receive an exact price – with full GIA certification and always at wholesale price.

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