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Diamond prices for fancy shape diamonds

Why are fancy shape diamonds compared to round diamonds cheaper?

Fancy shape diamonds

Colored diamond prices for pink diamond engagement ringIn the diamond industry, we have fancy shape diamonds and round shape diamonds which all have their own diamond prices. A fancy shape diamond is everything besides a round cut diamond. Examples of fancy shape diamonds are heart, marquise, pear, baguette, princess, radiant or cushion cut. All fancy shape diamonds are just as good as round cut diamond, which is also named brilliant cut diamond.



Diamond prices higher for round cut diamonds, why?

Round diamonds are in the diamond industry the signature in the engagement rings. However, the trend is moving to fancy shaped diamond. However, next to the fact this cut is most the sold diamond shape, round diamonds are still higher in diamond price since the buy and sell is much easier for this cut of diamond. When a diamond is round shape on a certificate, it will be round and you only have to focus on the certificate details. With a fancy shape diamond the pear for example can have many different forms, the pear can be elongated, wide or short. A round shape diamond loses a lot of diamond weight due to cutting process. To create a round brilliant cut diamond, it is needed to remove the most amount of rough diamond material compared to other shapes.

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Since fancy shape diamonds have different diamond prices and the explanation has been given, you might want to know what the wholesale diamond prices for fancy shape diamonds are. Let us share the wholesale diamond prices for fancy shape diamonds to increase the transparency of the diamond industry. However, keep in mind calculating the diamond wholesale price is calculated by total carat weight x price per carat.

1 carat diamond price fancy shape


2 carat diamond price fancy shape

Remember that calculating the diamond wholesale price you have to multiply the total carat weight with the Price per Carat. For example calculating the price for a 2 carat diamond G VVS1 will be 2 carat x $15.180 = $30.360 in total.

1 carat diamond price fancy shape

For more diamond prices for fancy shape diamonds please see the full diamond price list until 10 carat diamonds in the diamond prices list. Or you can use our free diamond quote to get in touch with one of our diamond consultants which can give the up to date price for that particular diamond you would like to receive.


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