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Hong Kong (HK) is known for its amazing diamond prices

Hong Kong is one of those dizzying and glamorous cities where you’ll find diamond shops and jewelers spread throughout the city. On almost every main street, you’ll find Hong Kong diamond stores displaying a sparkly array of diamonds and jewelry at far better prices than in most other places in the world. Diamond HK prices are considered as one of the best globally. But even in HK, with a little bit of knowledge you can read on this website you’ll be able to find even better prices than what you see in most stores – the best diamond HK prices are only a few minutes reading away.

The experts that offer the best diamond HK prices

diamond hk pricesIn Hong Kong, the diamond industry is always buzzing away. It is a central trading location for the global diamond industry, so next to many diamond jewelry shops, there are many diamond businesses that supply to these shops – the wholesale diamond industry. Like with any other industry, the best prices are usually found when buying wholesale and the same is true for diamond HK prices. As a rule of thumb: the closer to the source, the better the diamond price. The source being where the diamond trade begins. While it is impossible for unlicensed diamond dealers to buy from mining companies, there are ways you can buy diamonds closer to the source, especially in the HK diamond scene. The best way to do it is to go to Diamond Registry, the diamond wholesaler most centrally located in the industry (figuratively, but in this case even literally) based in the heart of Hong Kong Central district.

Get the same diamond HK prices as industry professionals do

On Chiu Lung Street, Diamond Registry has an office open that caters to both the HK diamond industry as well as private individuals. With over 50 years’ experience, Diamond Registry is known for having a global network of diamond cutters and dealers which allows them to offer the best diamond HK prices to jewelry stores and diamond traders in Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Part of their unique business is using that industry knowledge and network to get the best deals for private individuals like yourself. In a sense, you’re buying wholesale diamonds at HK prices just like the industry does, combined with the personal service and purchasing advice you’d expect from a more traditional jewelry shop.

What Diamond Registry can do for you – saving 50-70%

There are many different types of clients Diamond Registry works with, both in budget, location and diamond knowledge. No matter what your situation is, there are diamond experts standing by that can help you on your way to finding the ideal diamond of the finest quality at the best possible HK diamond price. If you’ve only just started on your diamond buying adventure, the diamond experts can help educate you on the basics of diamonds (4Cs), how to read GIA diamond certificates, how to pick a diamond shape and how to buy a diamond to maximize savings. Through their global network, you can find any specific type of diamond, as long as it exists somewhere in the world. And because you are buying through wholesale diamond channels, you’re looking at saving 50-70% off retail prices…that’s a huge saving! That’s the power of buying closer to the source, through Diamond Registry.

The story of diamond industry legends

In 1961, Diamond Registry started out as an industry newsletter. With thousands of diamond industry subscribers, it quickly became the go-to source of insider information, most notably for wholesale diamond prices. In a pre-Internet age, the Diamond Registry Bulletin was the central source of diamond price information on which the industry relied on. Fast forward to 1997, and Diamond Registry launched what would become known as the first online source of diamond information. It took wholesale diamond prices online, making it available to anyone, anywhere in the world. It changed the industry forever. Today, Diamond Registry empowers private individuals to gain reliable information about diamond trends, how to buy diamonds like a professional and the current wholesale diamond prices updated regularly.

It works with many different clients throughout the world, from its offices in New York City and Hong Kong. As a client, you are coupled with a diamond expert that helps you along the way to buying the finest diamond at the best price. Through its global network, you will be buying a diamond at wholesale prices which saves you 50-70% off retail prices. And you can choose to create it in into beautiful tailor made jewelry with the in-house jewelers. It’s the simplest way to buy a diamond closest to the source, which will help you save big. And it all starts with requesting free quote for the diamond you have in mind.

Diamond Registry
6/F, Eubank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung Street, Central, Hong Kong,
Hong kong,
Phone: 2116 5311



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