Trillion cut diamond
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Trillion cut diamond

One of the more unusual diamond cuts
among the fancy diamond cuts

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Characteristics of the trillion diamond

trillion cut diamond ringThe trillion cut diamond is more unusual than the other diamond shapes and is also known as the trielle cut or trilliant cut. The trillion cut diamond is a triangular shape which sometimes comes with slightly curved sides. This slightly curved side makes the trillion diamond look softer. However, there are straight edged trillion cut diamonds which do not have curved sides. Which you prefer better is of course based on personal taste.

The cutting was developed in Amsterdam in 1978 by Leon Finker. The shape is inspired by the square shaped diamond, radiant cut. Leon Finker cut the radiant into a triangular shape as the first person back in that time. The width-to-length ratio of the trillion cut diamond is 1 to 1, since it must be cut into the form of an equal triangular shape. No matter if the trillion is sharp cornered of slight cornered. In addition, the trillion cut diamond has 44 facets up to 50. Based on this cutting the diamond has a very sharp sparkle and fire. But only if the diamond has the correct cut and depth.

Trillion cut diamond

Popular use of trillion cut diamond

Every individual has its own taste of diamond shapes that can for example be cushion, princess, round, heart or radiant. If you like trillion cut diamonds it is smart to have a setting with a three V-shape prong, this way you can properly protect the corners. The trillion cut diamond is very favorable to use to accompany the center diamond. That means that it is often used as matching side-stones. The center stone that combines well with trillion cut diamond is often the emerald cut, oval cut, cushion cut or radiant cut. As well as matched side-stones, trillions are also very popular for stud earrings and pendants. However, extravagance is getting more popular in ring styles whereby more trillion solitaire rings are popping up.

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