Yellow gold diamond rings
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Yellow gold diamond rings

The most bright and classic diamond rings

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Yellow gold diamond rings

Yellow Gold Diamond Ring SolitaireTypically there are 3 main choices you can choose for the precious metal for diamond rings: rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Yellow gold diamond rings are the classics of diamond rings. While white gold diamond rings were quite popular in the late 90’s, yellow gold diamond rings have steadily made a comeback since then. Many new brides have chosen for yellow diamond gold rings to have that classy look on their finger.




Which diamond shapes are especially popular?

Because of its classic look, many people like to mount the yellow gold ring with a fancy shape diamond. The contradiction between the classic yellow gold and a modern fancy shape diamond makes for quite a spectacular ring design. That’s why more and more women today are looking for princess cut engagement rings, cushion cut rings, and emerald cut diamond rings using yellow gold. What works especially well with yellow diamonds is a micro pave diamonds set along the ring shank for that extra-sparkly look. It’s the ring design of a classic princess that knows how to wear her diamonds – a timeless look.

Benefits and downsides of yellow gold diamond rings

Yellow Gold Diamond RingsBesides the classy look, the benefit of yellow gold diamonds rings is that the yellow color interplays with the diamond color. So you can easily get away with a G color diamond, and people won’t see the difference between that and a D color diamond. Make sure to still choose high clarity though, that is vital to the sparkle of the diamond together with the cut grade. The downside of yellow gold is that it bends slightly easier than white gold. However, if you don’t do anything too wild your diamond ring will stay safe. If you do end up bending the yellow gold, it can easily be fixed within a few days for a minimal cost. So that’s not a reason to not go for this beautiful princess design look. Ask for a free quote to find your ideal diamond and yellow gold diamond ring.




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