Yellow diamond rings
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Yellow diamond rings

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yellow diamond

A sunny and cheerful diamond

Pear shaped yellow diamond ringA lot of colored diamonds have been seen on ladies’ hands recently, for example pink diamond rings or yellow diamond rings. Many celebrities and fashion icons have been spotted wearing yellow diamond rings as statement jewelry and engagement rings. The yellow diamonds belong to one of the most familiar colored diamonds, next to the red diamonds, blue diamonds and green diamonds. The color formation of this bright and cheerful colored diamond is due to the presence of nitrogen. Primarily in South Africa and other African countries, large gem quality diamonds with intense yellow color have been discovered. In addition, there are also yellow diamond rings mounted with yellow diamonds from Australia, India, Russia or Brazil. Diamonds with a deep color, deeper than Z on the GIA color grading scale, fall into the category of fancy colored diamonds. These fancy colored diamonds are popular gemstones for engagement rings or wedding rings.

Which shape and ring will suit a yellow diamond?

Beautiful yellow diamond ringYellow diamonds are cut into all different kind of diamond shapes. Popular diamond shapes for yellow diamond rings are for example the emerald cut, the pear shape and the cushion cut. In 2012, the marriage of Heidi Klum ended but we still remember the amazing yellow 10 carat diamond engagement ring that she received, right? Her emerald yellow diamond engagement ring was with a golden ring setting. Other frequently seen yellow diamond rings are with a white golden ring setting to empower the color of the colored diamond. By buying the ring materials separately such as a loose yellow diamond, it is possible to create your own yellow diamond rings.

Choosing yellow diamond rings

While you are choosing between all the yellow diamonds rings, it is important to determine the value of the colored diamond. Because the most important part of the yellow diamond rings is obviously the diamond. The quality of the yellow diamond depends on the color. The value of the colored diamond increases if the hue, tone, saturation and distribution of the diamond scores well. After determining the value, it is recommended to look for loose wholesale diamonds, since the quality is the same but the price is much better. Be sure that the diamond is certified by GIA. To find out the current wholesale prices for loose yellow diamonds, fill in the quote form of Diamond Registry and receive a free quote. Through our global network of diamond cutters and suppliers it is possible to offer you the highest quality GIA diamonds at the best prices available.



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