Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow Diamond Engagement


A trend in the making

A diamond engagement ring is the most special jewelry you will ever buy. It symbolizes the emotional engagement between two people forming a special bond that can only be dignified by the most beautiful diamond engagement ring. If you want to have a diamond ring that is different than what most people have, consider buying a yellow diamond engagement ring. In fact, as a couple you would be an early adopter of an emerging trend as more and more Hollywood celebrities have been spotted with yellow diamond engagement rings.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow diamonds for a bright and elegant woman

Of all the colored diamonds, natural yellow diamonds are the most popular. Those with a color deeper than Z on the GIA diamond grading scale fall into the category of fancy color diamond. Because of their bright pleasing yellow color, these stones are often associated with bright sunlight, cheerfulness, joy, prosperity and happiness. This makes yellow diamond engagement rings an excellent choice – not only for the way they look, but also for what they symbolize.

The best way to buy yellow diamonds

The smartest way to buy yellow diamonds for an engagement ring is to buy GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices and have them mounted separately. You will be able to buy a higher quality diamond with the same budget buying wholesale by reducing retail margins. Mounting the diamond separately gives you even more control over your spending because you decide which type of stone to go on the design you prefer – a 1.5 carat yellow diamond will look almost the same as a 1.8 carat yellow diamond. You should also be aware that diamond prices jump at every full carat, which means that buying a 1.8 yellow diamond is a smarter choice than buying a 2.2 carat diamond.

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