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Wholesale diamond rings

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What are wholesale diamond rings?

1,5 carat wholesale diamond ringWholesale diamond rings is a term you may have come across reading diamond education articles. This article will explain to you what wholesale diamond rings are, what wholesale loose diamonds are and where you can buy wholesale diamond rings. In fact, after reading this article you will be one step closer to buying diamonds like professionals do. Even jewelers have to buy diamonds somewhere, and they buy wholesale diamonds.




What are wholesale diamond rings?

Basically wholesale diamond rings just mean that you buy diamond rings before they enter the retail market. Rough diamonds and cut into diamond shapes and traded as wholesale loose diamonds to retailers, merchants and jewelers. Buying wholesale diamond rings means that you cut out the unnecessary middle men, buy closer to the source, and make incredible savings. Cutting out retail merchants means cutting out retail margins, which can often have a 50-70% mark-up. Someone has to foot the bill for the fancy shop front on Elegant Main Street with celebrities in glossy ads....but when you buy wholesale diamond rings, you won't be the one to pay for it.

So what are wholesale loose diamonds?

Some people hesitate when seeing the term wholesale. All ideas of romance and glamour evaporate and some even think they are not the same quality as retail stores diamonds. But that type of thinking is fatal for your wallet. Wholesale loose diamonds are the same quality as retail diamonds, you're even buying them from the same source. In fact, you could even get a bigger diamond with the same budget. Or add two 1 carat diamonds to your center 3 carat diamond. How's that for glamour?



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