Square cut engagement rings
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Square cut engagement rings

If you’re looking for modern diamond engagement rings…

Modern ring designs: Square cut engagement rings

Diamond jewelry has been popular for countless of years, and fashion trends have changed from round diamonds to vintage engagement rings with most of today’s women looking for square cut engagement rings. Square cut engagement rings actually refers to a broad range of diamond shapes that include princess cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds. Mounting any of these diamond cuts onto jewelry, you can create your dream square cut engagement rings exactly as you’ve always wanted. Each diamond shape that belongs to the square cut diamond category has a vastly different look and feel, and therefore also comes with different features you need to be aware of when buying loose diamonds.


The beauty of princess cut diamonds

Princess square cut diamond rings are highly popularThe highly popular princess cut diamonds are beautiful diamonds to create your own square cut engagement rings with. Princess cut diamonds are fancy shape diamonds with a sparkle on par with round diamonds yet available at a much more affordable price. That is because this square cut yields approximately 80% of the original rough diamond, as opposed to the 50% achieved when cutting round diamonds. It is a beautiful choice for square cut engagement rings as the 58 facets give it a deep crushed ice look.

Cushion cut diamonds for the retro-modern engagement ring

Princess square cut diamond rings are highly popularIn the early 20th century, most square cut engagement rings were mounted with cushion cut diamonds. Although there are more diamond shapes available today, cushion cut diamonds are still very popular. These square cut diamonds have large facets and rounder corners which drastically increase their brilliance. The classic cushion cut diamond has a length-to-width ration of 1.00, or slightly rectangular ranging between 1.10 and 1.20.


Royal Asscher cut diamonds have a sophisticated sparkle

Princess square cut diamond rings are sophisticatedOne of the most unique square cut diamond shapes, the Asscher cut has a small table, deep pavilion and high crown. Together with its signature feature, the cut corners, the eye is drawn to the center of the diamond. It’s sparkle is just as bright as the round cut diamond and the story behind the cut is one of true royalty. The modern Asscher cut diamond has 74 facets, and antique versions with 58 facets can still be found in antique jewelry stores.



Diamond prices for square cut engagement rings

As square cut diamonds is a category of diamonds, there are different diamond prices for each shape. To see what the diamond prices are based on today’s market, have a look at the diamond price list of wholesale diamonds. It is the price list used by diamond wholesalers across the world to calculate loose diamond prices using the Price Per Carat value. Consult a diamond expert to get accurate wholesale diamond prices for your perfect square cut diamond, and see how you can create your own bespoke diamond engagement rings with the jewelry experts from Diamond Registry.



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