Square cut diamond
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Square cut diamond

Loose diamonds in different trendy diamond shapes

Square cut diamond in modern shapes

Loose diamonds come in many shapes and form, and the square cut diamond is of the most popular diamond shapes today. A square cut diamond is a collective name for different diamonds shapes including cushion cut, princess cut, radiant cut and Asscher cut diamonds. These diamond shapes offer a wide variety of choices, each with their own unique beauty and appeal. Many women today love the look of square cut engagement rings, and look for loose diamonds of the square variety following the latest diamond jewelry trends. Each different square cut diamond has different quality features you need to consider when buying a diamond.


Cushion cut diamond – the classic retro diamond shape

Cushion square cut diamond rings are highly popularMany years ago, the most popular square cut diamond was the cushion cut diamond and it is making a steady comeback today. This square cut diamond is comparable to the round diamond, with a square look. The large facets of this diamond cut magically increase the brilliance and sparkle, making it just as mesmerizing as the round cut. When you buy a cushion cut diamond, the classic length-to-width ratio is 1.00. You can also choose a shape that is more square if you choose one that has a length-to-width ratio between 1.10 and 1.20.

Princess cut diamond – the crushed ice look

Princess square cut diamond rings are highly popularThis amazing square cut diamond is a favorite for diamond engagement rings. Many of the fancy shape loose diamonds sold today are princess cut diamonds. Just as the cushion cut, the princess cut diamond has a sparkle and life similar to the round diamond, but is available at a much better price. The diamond price changed according to a lot of varying factors such as the 4Cs (carat weight, cut, clarity and diamond color), but it also has a lot to do with the yield. The princess cut yields about 80% of the rough diamond, whereas the round cut usually yields 50%. With its 58 facets and beautiful cutting and symmetry, the princess cut has a mysterious crushed ice look.


Radiant cut diamond – similar to the emerald, with better brilliance

Radiant square cut diamond ringThe radiant cut diamond is easily recognized by its cut corners. It may resemble the Emerald cut diamond, but because of its brilliant cutting, it has a far better sparkle and brilliance. This particular square cut diamond is a favorite for cutting into fancy colored diamonds as the radiant cut naturally intensifies the color present in the diamond, a favorable feature when cutting colored diamonds. With its 70 facets, it is made to maximize brilliance and is a beautiful choice for diamond engagement rings.



Asscher cut diamond – the royal diamond shape

Asscher square cut diamond ringA square cut diamond with a unique and sophisticated look, the Asscher cut diamond has a high crown, cut corners and small table. Its deep pavilion draws the eye to the center of the diamond, inviting you to get lost in its reflections and deep glow. It has a rich history of royalty, and the modern Asscher cut has 74 facets, each more sparkly than the other. It takes an acquired taste to love the Asscher, but many have fallen in love with this unique square cut.


Creating your own unique diamond rings with a square cut

The best way to buy diamond rings is to source loose diamonds from the diamond wholesale market and mount the diamond onto jewelry. This will easily save you 50-70% off retail prices. The Diamond Registry has over 50 years experience in finding the most beautiful loose diamonds for clients all over the world, and with a highly experienced jewelry team, we have made the most stunning square cut diamond rings. Creating your own ring is simple: you choose a diamond from a wide selection of GIA certified loose diamonds, and you tell our jewelers how you want it mounted. Pick your own precious metals, ring settings, shoulder stones and extra decorations. The options are endless with one ring design more beautiful than the other. Ask for a free quote and get started on creating your own personal rings.



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