Radiant cut diamond
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Radiant cut diamond

A popular diamond cut
for colored diamonds

Recognize the radiant diamond cut

Radiant cut diamond engagement ringDiamonds can be cut into many different shapes next to the radiant cut diamond such as princess cut, cushion cut or emerald cut. One of the signatures of a radiant cut diamond is the chopped corners which make the diamond appear trimmed. Another signature that can help you to recognize a radiant cut diamond is the 70 facets in the diamond. Due to these 70 facets in a radiant cut diamond it is defined as elegant, just as the emerald cut diamond and just as brilliant as the round diamond cut. Because radiant cut is designed to achieve maximum brilliance.




More and more colored diamonds are radiant shaped

Radiant cut diamond yellow vivid ringEvery diamond looks better if the combination between the diamond and jewelry is matching. Therefore it is smart to read about the trends for a radiant cut diamond before purchasing them. Recent trending ring settings that match radiant cut diamonds are mostly halo settings or prong settings that have an eternity band instead of a plain ring band.

However, one of the major trends for a radiant cut diamond is that it is especially popular for fancy colored diamonds such as pink, blue or yellow diamonds. The reason why colored diamonds are popular to cut into radiant shape is due to the shape, the proportions and facets of a radiant diamond that increase the lovely color of a colored diamond. This increase is favorable because fancy colored diamonds are graded on their color intensity, distribution, saturation and tone. Thus, the deeper a diamond’s color, the more valuable it will be.

Purchasing a radiant cut diamond at wholesale price

Do you want to purchase a radiant cut diamond that is colored or colorless? No matter which type of diamond you prefer it will be smarter to buy at wholesale prices. Because buying a diamond at a wholesale price means buying a diamond closer to the natural source. By asking for a free quote, you can get the up-to-date wholesale diamond prices that will save you more than 50% in your budget. In addition, you will be linked to one of our diamond experts. This diamond expert can assist you in buying the radiant cut diamond and can help you find the matching ring setting. After choosing the loose diamond and jewelry design our in-house jewelers will combine your luxury items. This way you will receive a unique diamond ring, necklace or other jewelry piece that in addition shall save you time and money.



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