Pink Diamonds
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Pink Diamonds

Pink diamond jewelry
is trending

Meet the colored diamonds

Pink diamond are stars, 59,60 carat ovul cut diamondNatural colored diamonds such as pink diamonds are seen more and more often in diamond jewelry today. Pink diamonds can cost from 5 to 100 times as much as colorless diamonds. Because only one in 10.000 diamonds is colored, colored diamonds are very rare and expensive. However, colorless diamonds and colored diamonds are often found in the same mine. The rarest and most expensive among colored diamonds are blue diamonds and red diamonds. The yellow diamonds and brown diamonds are more commonly seen and therefore the most affordable colored diamonds. These commonly seen diamonds are mostly one third of the white diamond prices. Despite the higher price for colored diamonds, pink diamonds, yellow diamonds and blue diamonds are trending in diamond rings and diamond earrings.

The formation of the pink diamonds

Fancy intense pink diamonds usually reach price record at auctions.Colored diamonds can be very deeply colored or slightly faint. As opposed to colorless diamonds colored diamonds are valued for their color intensity. The color of the diamond is established deep beneath the earth’s surface. The pink diamonds own their color by a formation known as “plastic deformation”, a slipping or distortion of the atomic lattice. In addition, the extreme pressure compresses the structure and graining making the diamond appear pink. Pink diamonds can turn out a bit purplish, grayish or brownish because natural diamond formation is not always the same.

4 reasons why it is smart to invest in pink diamonds

The sales of pink diamond jewelry is increasing drastically, even the well-known GIA in Tokyo and Hong Kong has started to provide more service for colored diamonds. There are 4 main reasons why it is smart to invest in colored diamonds such as pink diamonds.

  • Low supply
    Colored diamonds such as pink diamonds are low in supply and therefore extremely rare. Most colored diamonds that are found weigh one carat or lower. Thus, purchasing pink diamonds means having a stone that is one of the rarest gemstones of all.

  • Increasing demand
    The supply of colored diamonds is dwindling, and the diamond market is realizing this fact by collecting these precious diamonds. However many engagement rings or wedding rings are mounted with pink diamonds by people that still know how to source pink diamonds.

  • Steady value
    The value retention is one strong reason to invest in colored diamonds. After many years the pink diamonds will still have their value or better yet, an increase in value.

  • Popular tangible asset
    Purchasing a colored diamond is popular for investors because it is a way to diversify their portfolios with steady tangible assets. Usable for a hedge against short lived equity markets.


How to buy pink diamonds?

Buying pink diamonds is a smart investment, due to for example the value retention and record-breaking sales during auctions for colored diamonds. But how do you buy a pink diamond for your engagement ring, wedding ring or anniversary earrings? A standard format for buying a pink diamond does not exist but diamond experts that can help you find the pink diamonds are definitely nearby. The Diamond Registry has been giving diamond insider information to customers since 1961. Our diamond information platform helps individuals understand for example the 4C’s or diamond wholesale prices. In addition, you can ask for a free quote which sets our diamonds experts on a search for your ideal pink diamond. Furthermore, you will receive the up-to-date loose diamond wholesale prices together with expert advice.



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