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Pink diamond
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Ask her to be yours with pink diamond engagement rings

Pink diamond engagement ringsThere are many different traditions and preferences when it comes to the engagement ring, but pink diamond rings are truly something unique and exceptional. Getting engaged is one of the most romantic and meaningful steps a couple can take towards spending a lifetime together, and pink diamond engagement rings are one of the most powerful symbols when it comes to showing this commitment. Pink diamonds of jewelry quality are one of the world’s rarest diamond jewels and most enigmatic – nobody knows exactly why pink diamonds are pink. Its amazing pink color makes for beautiful pink diamond engagement rings.


Designs for pink diamond engagement rings

24 carat pink diamond engagement ringThere are many different rings designs for pink diamond engagement rings. Starting with the loose diamond itself, a pink diamond can come in many diamond shapes and qualities. Pink diamonds are usually cut into fancy shapes because it intensifies the color in colored diamonds. Most popular pink diamond shapes are pear shape, oval shape and princess cut amongst others. When it comes to diamond ring designs, there are many different options for the precious metal, the band design and ring settings. Our in-house jewelers have years of experience with crafting the most intricate and unique diamond engagement rings.



Pink diamonds fetch tremendous diamond prices during auction

If you buy pink diamond engagement rings correctly, you will not only have exquisite jewelry but a potentially rewarding investment at the same time. Everybody loves pink diamonds and is talking about them. Many diamond investors have bought pink diamond rings and pink loose diamonds during auctions, breaking record after record. In October 2014 a new record was set for pink diamond prices when an 8.41 carat pink diamond sold for $17.8 million. This is because of their extreme rarity: colored diamonds are in the elite 1%, pink diamonds are the 1% of the 1%.

How to buy pink diamonds correctly

The first and most important step to buying pink diamond engagement rings correctly, or any other loose diamonds for that matter, is diamond education and preparation. There are many different facets when it comes to diamond buying, such as the pink diamond quality (cut, clarity, and color intensity), where to source loose diamonds from, choosing a diamond ring design and how to yield the best gain.

Where to source loose diamonds for your pink diamond engagement ring

Once you have an idea of what type of diamond you are looking for, our seasoned wholesale diamond experts will provide you with guidance on how to buy your pink diamond like a professional. With over 50 years’ experience, The Diamond Registry has established a worldwide network of GIA certified loose diamonds dealers which enables you to save considerably off retail prices. With our in-house jewelers, you have the opportunity to create unique pink diamond engagement rings especially designed for you.



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