Orange Diamonds at Sotheby’s Jewelry Sales
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Orange Diamonds at Sotheby’s Jewelry Sales Attracted Private Dealers

1990: Orange Diamonds at Sotheby’s Are Central Attraction for Diamond Collectors

December 1997

A rare fancy vivid orange diamond weighing 5.54 carats, sold for $1,322,500 or more than $238,000 a carat. The record price was paid by Harry Winston.

Another innovation at the sales: an evening sessionheld following an earlier successful evening auction last April. At a time of expanded offerings, Sotheby’s has found a time slot that seems to appeals to private collectors and dealers alike.

The two days of Sotheby’s annual Magnificent Jewelry sales in New York on October 29 and 30 brought a total of $376,955,918 million and drew bidders from the US, Asia and the Middle East, noted John Block, Executive Vice President and Head of Sotheby’s Jewelry and Precious Objects Division. A private collection which achieved nearly 100% selling by value, featured several diamond solitaires, the famous Jonker No. 7 diamond and a 67.87 cts. fancy intense yellow diamond which was sold for $1,102,500.


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