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NEWS 04-06-2017
The 59.6 Carat Pink Star Diamond Sells For Record $71.2 Diamond Price

59.6 Carat Pink Star Diamond Sells For Record $71.2 Diamond PriceIThe “Pink Star” Dethroned The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond That Fetched $58 Million At Christie’s Last Year. The diamond industry is exploding about the newest world record for top auction price for any gem this week...

NEWS 03-21-2017
Late Iconic author Jackie Collins diamond jewelry up for auction

Jackie Collins diamond jewelry up for auctionIn-between 1.000 pieces at the auction Collins jewelry is in the spotlight especially her 6.04-carat diamond ring. The diamond jewelry pieces of the late, iconic author of pulp novels Jackie Collins are up for auction May 16 and 17 in Los Angeles...

NEWS 03-17-2017
Incredible Jonker No. 5 Diamond of 25.27 carat up for auction

Christie’s Hong Kong auction 2017Christie’s Hong Kong is presenting exciting items from diamonds to emeralds, from which two are truly unique! Yes, the auction season is upon us and we can expect many unique diamond pieces with high carat weight...

NEWS 03-03-2017
Diamonds Dripping at Oscars 2017

Oscars jewels 2017Jennifer Aniston appeared on the red carpet in $10.7 Million Worth of Diamonds custom designed by Lorraine Schwartz. This year Oscars Red Carpet shined and dazzled even more than last year as A-list stars appeared with overwhelmingly beautiful diamonds...

NEWS 02-18-2017
BAFTAs best diamond jewels from the red carpet this 2017

Bafta diamond jewels 2017On February 12th, the 70th British Academy Film Awards was held in London’s Royal Albert Hall with none other than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who sparkled in heart warming diamond jewels...

NEWS 02-08-2017
Blue Diamonds Are Reaching Peak Diamond Prices

Blue diamond price raisingFCRF says blue diamonds are at their all-time peak due to a combination of very thin supply and healthy demand. The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) shares that diamond prices for fancy colored gems such as pink and blue diamonds grew in 2016...

NEWS 01-30-2017
The Fine Diamond Jewelry at February 1 Sotheby Auction

The Fine Diamond Jewelry at February 1 Sotheby Auction Loose diamonds & stunning jewelry are up for auction with a pair of diamond earrings, estimated to fetch the highest price. Upcoming Wednesday in New York Sotheby is auctioning off fine diamond jewelry pieces. Lot number 326, which is a pair of platinum and diamond earrings, is estimate to fetch the highest price...

NEWS 01-12-2017
Unforgettable Diamond Jewelry Moments At Golden Globes 2017

Golden globe 2017 diamond JewelryThe diamond earrings on the red carpet were dramatic and often vintage inspired. Every year celebrities set the trend for upcoming years of diamond jewelry fashion by showing the newest designs on the red carpet of the Golden Globes...

NEWS 01-03-2017
Top 10 best diamond jewelry sales at auctions in 2016

Top 10 best diamond jewelry sales at auctions in 2016The high and lows of 2016 auction season included high profile, large and colored gems. The New Year is upon us and with all those unique diamond jewelry sold at the auction houses a recap is very well in its place. Because in this year some very high profile, large and colored gems were auctioned off...

NEWS 12-21-2016
Chinese Millennials do not only associate marriage to diamonds

Diamond Market Chinese Bling GenerationDiamond jewelry is becoming more practical & fashionable to fit Millennials’ needs. In recent reports we got to know that the Chinese market is one of the large markets to boost the sales of diamonds. Seventy percent of the total diamond jewelry purchases are made by millennials...

NEWS 12-16-2016
A 51.35-carat D Color diamond fetched millions at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels

51.35-carat D Color diamond fetched millionsNot only sparkling diamonds reached high prices as a cushion-cut blue sapphire ring got sold for $3.8 million. In these past and upcoming days auction houses Sotheby, Christie’s or Bonhams are having magnificent auctions with rare gemstones such as the 51.35-carat diamond...

NEWS 11-26-2016
Dazzling Diamond Jewelry at Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels

Diamond Jewelry at Hong KongSuperb colored diamonds, rubies and emeralds will appear at the auction including a marquise-cut fancy vivid blue diamond. At this time of the year there are many magnificent diamond auctions planned just as this one that is going to be held in Hong Kong on 29 November by Christie’s...

NEWS 11-15-2016
Geneva Magnificent Jewels Christie’s Auction

Diamond price performanceWill the Sensational Diamond Pair Earrings & Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond Ring Break Records? Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction is today on 15 November at Geneva and it will bring a twinkle to your eyes as it is filled with sensational diamond pieces. That diamond pair of earrings called “Miroir de L’amour’ has gone viral...

NEWS 10-31-2016
Rare & High Priced Investment Gemstones Featured in these Jewelry Auctions

Diamond price performanceA Red Ruby ring is one of the unique jewelry pieces that is estimated to fetch 12 million! Auction houses like Christie’s and Phillips are featuring at their fall jewelry auction very high priced Investment Gemstones. These gemstones that will hit the auction are expected to fetch very high prices up to 12 million for rare pieces such as the Ratnaraj Ruby...

NEWS 10-24-2016
Budget diamonds left behind during diamond recovery

Diamond price performanceThe lower-quality and smaller loose diamonds miss out on the broader diamond recovery. Recently Bloomberg released an article regarding budget diamonds to be left out while all other diamonds enjoyed recovery. The statistics in the graph show that the diamond prices for smaller loose diamonds went down 15% this year...

NEWS 10-10-2016
Millennials are largest group to buy diamond jewelry - so why do we say they don't buy?

Value of Diamond Jewellry Aquired by Millennials in 2015De Beers reveal diamond-buying statistics proving that Millennials spent billions on diamond jewelries. Past summer many media platforms as The Economist, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, CNBC and CBS News announced that millennials poised to turn their backs on diamond jewelry as a status symbol...

NEWS 10-04-2016
Magnificent Diamond Jewels & Jadeite auction in Hong Kong

Diamond Jewels & Jadeite auction in Hong KongMeet 4 diamonds included top lots at Sotheby’s auction including a Kashmir Sapphire ring & breathtaking diamond necklace. The Sotheby's auction on 4 October 2016 in Hong Kong has a very interesting line-up of magnificent jewels and jadeite...

NEWS 09-28-2016
RECAP: The most expensive diamond jewelry on the Emmy awards red carpet

Diamond Jewlery Siphia VergaraHollywood Celebrities wore dazzling jewelry at 68th Primetime Emmy Awards. The time was finally there, the Emmy awards 2016 an annual event which lures all kinds of Hollywood celebrities wearing expensive diamond jewelry. It seems like jewelry becomes larger and more unique every year...

NEWS 09-17-2016
The Constellation of 813-carat is world’s most expensive rough diamond

Most expensive rough diamondAt private Sotheby’s auction the diamond fetched a record diamond price of $63 million. De Grisogono a Swiss luxury jeweler brought to the show “Biennale des Antiquaires decorative arts” that opened its event last weekend, with the world’s most expensive rough diamond...

NEWS 09-12-2016
Every diamond jewelry piece tells a unique story

Blue diamond ring Christies'sAuction house Christie’s shares 5 memorable jewelry stories including a tiny intense red diamond. As the title of Christie’s new article is “every jewelry tells a story” many of us will directly think of the story behind their jewelry...

NEWS 09-02-2016
Global interest for blue diamond from Bonhams auction

Sapphire blue diamond earringsKashmir sapphires and rare blue diamond are top lots for Bonhams Auction September 20. Auction house Bonhams will kick off its autumn auction season on September 20 with a blue diamond that caught global attention...

NEWS 08-29-2016
How to own a Nancy Reagan diamond jewelry piece... Now is your chance!

Diamond Jewelry Collection Nancy ReaganEighty-three diamond pieces owned by first lady’s estate are up for auction at Christie’s New York. Nancy Reagan, the former First Lady, her diamond jewelry is up for auction on September 28 in New York. So if you ever wanted to own a presidential diamond piece or diamond pieces...

NEWS 08-15-2016
How to get the correct engagement ring size?

How to choose an engagement ring sizeUseful tips to find out your partner’s diamond ring size without ruining the surprise. Proposing to your loved one, who will be totally surprised, is amazing but how do you get the correct engagement ring size to slip on her finger?...

NEWS 08-09-2016
What is the future of the unsold rough diamond?

Lesedi La Rona diamondThe largest diamond unearthed in more than a century failed to sell by not reaching minimum-reserved diamond price. In June the rough diamond named Lesedi La Rona of 1,109-carat went up for auction after being on a roadshow through Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore...

NEWS 07-24-2016
Diamonds next best investment after gold!

Loose diamonds cuttingInvestors listen up- loose diamonds attractive investment option as gold rally will sputter. In history buying gold has been the commodity investor's best friend yet it seems that interest is changing to another luxury item, diamonds. The reasons for the change after a golden age history with gold is because of the fear that the gold’s rally will sputter...

NEWS 07-13-2016
The reason why we nowadays find larger rough loose diamonds

Loose diamonds cuttingAfter finding a large rough diamond – how do we cut it? Finding diamonds in nature has always been rare only now we hear many larger diamonds are found, what is the reason for these larger findings? According to the comments from the mining...

NEWS 07-02-2016
The world’s largest rough diamond failed to sell at auctions

The world’s largest rough diamond failed to sell at auctionsAt Sotheby’s London the biddings did not meet reserved diamond price for the “Lesedi la Rona”. The whole diamond industry was looking forward to the sale of the largest rough diamond discovery in more than a century, “Lesedi la Rona” that is around 2.5 to more than 3 billion years old...

NEWS 06-25-2016
This week a flawless pear shaped diamond of 105-carat was unveiled and many more updates

Pear shape diamond 105 caratA 241-carat rough diamond was found while Sotheby is getting ready to sell 3 rough diamonds for charity. Get back to speed by getting to know what is going on in the diamond industry this week beyond that perfect flawless pear shaped diamond of Graff that is presented in Paris...

NEWS 06-20-2016
The 8 largest and miraculous rough diamonds found in Africa

8 largest rough diamonds found“Lesedi La Rona” is world's largest rough diamond ever found in more than 100 years. Africa has the highest rough diamonds production, more than any other continent and it is also where the largest diamonds are found. The “Lesedi La Rona” the world’s largest rough diamond ever found in more than 100 years is now available...

NEWS 06-10-2016
The 24.18-carat “Cullinan Dream” Blue diamond sells for $25.3 million!

Culinan Dream blue diamond soldThis auction season the blue diamonds set their mark in the industry, by fetching high diamond prices. Yesterday (June 9, 2016) the fancy intense “Cullinan Dream” Blue diamond was sold for a tremendous amount at Christie’s in New York. While blue diamonds have fetched high diamond prices...

NEWS 06-09-2016
Sotheby entered into partnership for 59-carat Pink Diamond

The Pink Star 59 carat pink diamondThe rare colored diamond called “Pink Star” is still in Sotheby’s Inventory due to cancellation. In November 2013 this high profile pink diamond of 59.6-carat did not find its final buyer after it got canceled. Now auction house Sotheby’s announced to have made two partnerships for the unsold colored diamond...

NEWS 06-03-2016
Stunning diamond industry updates of May 2016 you cannot miss!

The Cullinan-dream blue diamondFrom record sale of the Oppenheimer to Aurora Green, 8-carat engagement ring, extreme rare violet diamond & more. The diamond industry is a very dynamic, fluctuating, surprising but most of all stunning market where all kind of updates will blow you away again and again....

Article 05-26-2016
The exquisite Cullinan Dream - largest fancy intense blue diamond ever offered is up for sale

The Cullinan-dream blue diamondShall this leading lot at Christie's Magnificent Jewels auction surpass the diamond price of The Oppenheimer Blue? While the whole diamond industry is still landing on its feet after the sale of The Oppenheimer Blue the most exquisite blue diamond is going up for sale by Christie’s. The legendary Cullinan Dream is the largest fancy intense Blue diamond ever to be auctioned...

Article 05-19-2016
Most Expensive Jewel ever Auctioned: The Oppenheimer Blue

Oppenheimer Blue Diamond Price 57.5 MillionThe 14.62-carat rare blue diamond sells for historic diamond price of $57.5 Million! The whole diamond industry was excited for the sale of the 14.62-carat “Oppenheimer Blue”. This extremely rare diamond which is the largest fancy vivid blue diamond ever offered at an auction has set a world auction record yesterday by fetching a historic diamond price of...

Article 05-11-2016
Diamond Jewelry trends at MET GALA

Diamond Jewelry trends at MET GALAIt is said celebrities often create trends, but will these diamond trends make it? Recently the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Benefit) gala was again filled with big names of Hollywood stars that literally shined on the red carpet with stunning diamond jewelry mainly made by favorite diamond jeweler Lorraine Schwartz! ...

Article 05-09-2016
Find out diamond industry’s 2016 need-to-know updates

Diamond Auction Industry's UpdatesFrom failed Shirley blue diamond sale to exceeded selling price for new Harry Winston top lot of 15.52-carat. Every week is interesting in the diamond industry, definitely if there were exciting auctions. One of the unexpected updates was that the Shirley blue diamond failed to sell...

Article 05-02-2016
Mother's Day: 3 key ingredients to personalize the symbol of forever – the sparkling diamond

Mother'sday diamond giftMom, mama or mommy, no matter what you call her- today is all about her! Every year, on this very special day, our minds will be focused on paying tribute to our mothers who sat by our bed when we were sick, woke up 6 times a night, loved us from the moment we were there, celebrated our success, gave the best advice when needed and much more. ...

Article 04-28-2016
Learn about the modern Blue Diamond Market & why it’s skyrocketing!

Blue diamond market skyrocketingThis spring, 3 rare blue diamonds dominate the diamond industry of 2016.The headlines of the news in the diamond industry, as you might have noticed, have been filled with blue diamond sales or announcements. A trio of blue diamonds with very rare diamond characteristics is mainly dominating the news and will be fighting for a place in the record books...

Article 04-21-2016
Christie’s preparing for sale of largest fancy vivid green diamond

Aurora Largest Vivid Green DiamondThe “Aurora Green” of 5.03-carat is very valuable and estimated to reach $3.18 - $3.98 million per diamond carat! The “Aurora Green” of 5.03-carat is very valuable and estimated to reach $3.18 - $3.98 million per diamond carat! After the amazing blue diamonds at the auctions, Christie’s in Hong Kong will be presenting the largest fancy vivid green diamond for auction at the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Auction...

Article 04-18-2016
Largest & unique pear-shaped pink diamond to go under the hammer!

Largest Unique pear shaped pink diamond ringThe Unique Pink is the largest of its diamond shape ever offered at an auction. The rare and remarkable “The Unique Pink” is soon going to be auctioned by auction house Sotheby’s in Geneva on Magnificent jewels and Noble Jewels sale. This pink colored diamond will be the largest of its diamond shape to be offered at an auction as it weighs 15.38-carat!...

Article 04-12-2016
Amazing: new Asia auction price record for highly rare blue diamond

Blue Diamond Price Record“De Beers Millenium Jewel 4” a blue colored diamond fetched highest price ever paid in an auction in Asia. An internally flawless, vivid blue diamond of 10.10-carat has smashed the auction records after setting a new Asia auction price record...

Article 04-08-2016
Find out 100 years of engagement rings in less than 3 minutes

100 years of Diamond Engagement RingsWhich diamond ring style was trending in 1910 & which one now? Recently Mode’s released a very interesting video that went viral regarding engagement rings of the last 100 years. In the video you will go back to the diamond ring styles of 1910 and in 3 minutes see ring styles to 2015. Watch the 3-minute video...

Article 04-05-2016
Exiting: the record sale of an exceptional blue diamond!

Blue Diamond Price Record SaleAuction house Christie's presents possible 8 to 12 million dollar colored diamond in New York coming April. The latest big and finest blue diamond going up for sale is the 14.62-carat “Oppenheimer Blue”. Since blue diamonds are considered the rarest gemstones in the world, this exceptional blue diamond could fetch a world record diamond price....

Article 03-30-2016
Value of 10.07 carat pink diamond increased 400% in 9 years!

Pink Diamond Value IncreasedAuction house Christie's presents possible 8 to 12 million dollar colored diamond in New York coming April. The pink diamond ring that appreciated up to 400 percent in less than a decade is going up for auction in April....

Article 03-17-2016
Rare & Superb 10.10 carat IF Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond up for auction!

Superb 10.10 carat IF Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond The Sotheby’s in Hong Kong is going to present an extremely rare and superb 10.10 carat IF Fancy vivid blue diamond upcoming April auction. The rare colored oval cut diamond is one among twelve rare diamonds out of the renowned De Beers Millennium Jewels collection and is already estimated to fetch up to 30-35 million USD...

Article 03-14-2016
World’s 2nd largest rough diamond gains bids up to $30 Million!

World’s 2nd largest rough diamondThe loose diamond finding of the century on road show before going up for sale this spring. Have you been wondering what is the next step of the 2nd largest rough diamond? Well the largest loose diamond in the century that is about the size of a tennis ball shall soon go out on a road show before it hits the Sotheby’s auction in spring ...

Article 03-07-2016
A queen’s diamond & sapphire brooch is up for sale!

Sapphire and Diamonds royal broochRoyal princess Margaret owned the spectacular diamond brooch since 1948 until she passed away aged 71. Very soon you are able to purchase the former queen’s diamond and sapphire brooch at the auction. Princess Margaret owned this diamond and sapphire brooch since 1948 when ...

Article 03-01-2016
Oscars 2016: The Best diamond Jewelry on the Red Carpet

Best diamond jewelry oscar 2016Sparkling diamonds and white metals were the favorite of the 88th Academy Awards red carpet jewelry presentation. The 88th Academy Awards last Sunday sparkled great diamond jewelry on the red carpet which many of us would like to wear just once in a lifetime...

Article 02-24-2016
The amazing engagement ring from Kylie Minogue in love!

Kylie diamond engagement ring Recently Hollywood gained another bride to be, 47 year old Kylie Minogue flashed an amazing diamond engagement ring at the NME Awards. First it was not clear if it was an engagement ring but actor Joshua Sasse (28) confirmed...

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