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Article 01-27-2016
Mariah Carey’s 35 carat engagement ring outshines Hollywood’s biggest names 

Mariah Carey engagement ringThe diamond engagement ring features a massive emerald cut diamond and two tapered baguettes. Thursday last week, billionaire boyfriend James Packer popped a gigantic yet gorgeous engagement ring to his fiancée Mariah Carey. The gigantic diamond engagement ring has been the hot topic of many conversations. Continue Reading.

Article 01-19-2016
Diamond Jewelry recap of the Golden Globes 2016 

High jewelry and diamond rings High in carats at Golden Globe 2016Statement diamond necklaces, large diamond rings, colored diamond earrings and unique diamond bracelets. At the Golden Globe 2016 all kind of diamond jewelry pieces came together on that famous red carpet. The statement diamond necklace was definitely one of the diamond jewelries that was the hottest of the evening.  Continue Reading.

Article 01-13-2016
Tremendous amount of diamond carats at Golden Globe 2016

High jewelry and diamond rings High in carats at Golden Globe 2016The diamond necklaces of 156.77-carat stole the show next to the 200 carat Jennifer Lopez rocked. The Golden Globe of 2016 was an evening where celebrities were seen with dazzling diamond jewelry, only this time the amount of diamond carats was very high. Continue Reading.

Article 01-11-2016
NEW TREND: Single celebs buy their own engagement ring

Single Celebs own Diamond Engagement RingsIn Hollywood there is a new trend among the single ladies which can go against your fairy tail thoughts but its true, single celebrities are buying their own “engagement ring”. From Jennifer Lopez to Kylie Jenner, celebs are buying their own diamond ring breaking the rule “diamond rings are for the ones who are engaged”.
Continue Reading.

Article 01-03-2016
The ten most expensive diamond jewelry of 2015

10 top diamonds of 2015Last year was full with colored diamonds & all 10 togetherresults in a total of $214 million USD! The year 2015 was just like years before full with expensive diamond jewelry, only this year there were remarkably many colored diamonds at auctions....
Continue Reading.

Article 12-27-2015
New statistics show Hong Kong Women care about diamond size

Victory diamond price per carat recordWhich carat size would the average Hong Kong woman prefer? Recently a survey of the Diamond Federation in Hong Kong showed that Hong Kong women do care about the diamond size. The poll has been carried out between November and December in Hong Kong...
Continue Reading.

Article 12-20-2015
The “Victory Diamond” of 31.34 carat fetched superb diamond price per carat

Victory diamond price per carat recordChristie’s New York broke several records with their sparkling diamond lots. On December 10, Christie’s Magnificent Jewelry auction was finally here, having the “Victory Diamond” as the top lot of the auction since it broke the record for highest diamond price per carat... Continue Reading.

Article 12-13-2015
Royal diamond necklace fetched more than $4 million USD

 6 carat diamond Necklace Queen NazilQueen Nazli’s diamond necklace features 217-carat diamonds with a 6-carat round diamond in the center. This royal diamond necklace was at the Magnificent Jewels auction of Sotheby’s the highest profile lot....
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Article 12-11-2015
A 2.97-carat diamond ring was sold for 2.2 million USD

Greyish blue diamond ringFancy greyish- blue diamond fetched the highest auction price per carat in its category. In London on December 5, Bonham auction house sold a very unique 2.97-carat diamond ring for 2.2 million USD. The diamond ring includes a fancy greyish- blue diamond that was in the pre-sale estimated for $752.00 to $1.05 million... Continue Reading.

Giant rough pink diamond found & up for auction!

217 carat diamond necklace“The Williamson” 23.16 carat rough pink colored diamond is on its way to Antwerp to be sold. While the 1,111 carat rough colorless diamond can still not be valued due to its large size a giant rough pink diamond is found and up for auction. Colored diamonds are compared to colorless diamonds a lot more rare to find. Therefore this 23.16 carat rough pink colored diamond is a very unusual finding... Continue Reading.

Extraordinary combination of a ruby & colorless diamonds sold!

Ruby and diamond ringMost important “Pigeon’s Blood” ruby realized more than $18 thousand USD. The “Crimson Flame” is a beautiful yet extraordinary combination of a ruby and colorless diamonds, is auctioned at Christie’s Hong Kong on December 1 2015. This “Pigeon’s Blood” (red) ruby was the most important ruby that has ever appeared at an action in Asia... Continue Reading.

Article 11-29-2015
Egyptian royal diamond necklace up for auction

217 carat diamond necklaceA 217-carat bib style diamond necklace, with all kinds of diamond shapes at Sotheby’s Auction. On December 9 Sotheby will have its final fall season of “Magnificent Jewels” auction in New York where an Egyptian royal diamond necklace is one of the top lots. The 217-carat bib style diamond necklace, which contains all kinds of diamond shapes, belonged to Queen Nazli of Egypt... Continue Reading.

Article 11-25-2015
The largest colorless diamond in more than a century unearthed!

1,111 carat rough diamondThis shocking 1,111-carat rough diamond is second largest diamond in size. Again we are amazed by the work of Mother Nature, which created an extremely large colorless diamond. This colorless diamond, which has been found in Botswana, is a shocking size of 1,111-carat rough diamond... Continue Reading.

Article 11-19-2015
Before the Blue Moon this 16.08-carat pink diamond got sold for $28.6 million USD

Ring Blue Moon od Josephine Diamond Price recordHong Kong property tycoon bought two rare colored diamonds and named them “Blue Moon of Josephine” & “Sweet Josephine. A spectacular price of $28.5 million USD for this stamp sized pink diamond of 16.08 carat. This rare colored diamond has been bought and dubbed by Joseph Lau, a Hong Kong bidder... Continue Reading.

Article 11-11-2015
AMAZING: The Blue Moon Diamond has been sold for record price $48.26 million USD

Ring Blue Moon od Josephine Diamond Price recordThe 12.03 carat vivid blue diamond is the new record holder for blue diamonds! We have talked about this extremely rare blue diamond called “The Blue Moon” for weeks! Today this rare colored diamond was up for auction and fetched a record price of $48.26 million USD... Continue Reading.

Article 11-11-2015
This blue diamond is going to break record on the auction, today!

Ring Blue Moon Diamond Price Estimated $55 millionThe moment we’ve all Amazing estimated price of $55 million USD for extremely rare colored diamond at Sotheby’s November 11. We have talked about this extremely rare blue diamond called “The Blue Moon” for weeks! ... Continue Reading.

Article 11-05-2015
Video: upcoming November 10th the stamp-sized pink diamond is up for auction

Angelababy 5 carat  diamond engagement ringThe moment we’ve all been waiting for is approaching, the sale of the largest pink diamond ring of 16+ carat. Do you remember that a month ago the diamond industry was amazed by the upcoming sale of the stamp sized pink diamond? Now the moment quite some people... Continue Reading.

Article 11-03-2015
Meet the “Kim Kardashian of China” whose engagement ring has an amazing design!

Angelababy 5 crata  diamond engagement ringHaving a wedding that cost 31 million USD is for many of us unbelievable, but AngelaBaby (Angela Yeung) had it with an engagement ring that will blow your mind! Everything of the wedding was arranged and appeared beautiful just like the diamond ring with a five carat pear shape diamond... Continue Reading.

Article 10-27-2015
The 75+ carat yellow diamond ring sold for $3.6 million

75 carat Yellow Diamond sold The vivid yellow diamond cushion cut diamond was top lot at Christie’s October 20 auction. In New York, Christie’s has sold the vivid yellow cushion cut diamond for more than 3.6 million USD. In the email that the auction house shared with the media this amazing amount for the cushion cut diamond... Continue Reading.

Article 10-23-2015
Lovely Design: A royal blue diamond ring combined with pink diamonds

Royal blue diamondMagnificent 10.06 natural fancy blue diamond is one of the world’s rarest natural colored gemstone. We love this period of the year, many rare and magnificent diamond jewelry gets sold and auctioned just like this natural blue diamond ring combined with pink diamonds... Continue Reading.

Article 10-22-2015
INTERESTING: World’s most expensive gemstones

Red diamond one of the most world's expensive loose diamondsFind out which colored diamonds or gemstones belongs to most expensive ones in the world? In the world we have all kind of glittering rare gemstones that are record breakers when they are sold at jewelry auctions. For every gemstone category there is one that holds the record of most expensive gemstone in their category... Continue Reading.

Article 10-20-2015
The Queen Maria-Jose Ruby diamond ring at Sotheby’s

Diamond ring Queen Maria-Jose Ruby The over 8 carat pigeon blood Burmese ruby estimated 6 to 9 million USD! In Geneva we will soon see another stunning and historical diamond jewelry because the ruby diamond ring of Queen Maria-José is for auction. This time it will be an 8 carat ring from a former personal collection which is from the last Queen of Italy... Continue Reading.

Article 10-16-2015
Rare 75.56 carat yellow diamond ring at Christie’s auction

75 carat yellow diamond ring estimated 20 million USDThe total sale including the fancy yellow diamond is estimated around 20 million USD! This yellow diamond is super rare due to its size and intense color. In nature colored diamonds are not found that easily, especially if it is this size. Therefore, experts are speculating that the cushion cut yellow diamond is already estimated for 3 – 4 million USD ... Continue Reading.

Article 10-14-2015
A brief recap of blockbuster diamonds at Christie’s

the blue loose DiamondThe stamp sized pink diamond is going to make history, but which 4 diamonds were before that? In the history of auction house Christie’s many unique diamonds were sold. In this brief recap we will look back at the 4 most exceptional diamonds besides the pink stamp sized diamond... Continue Reading.

Article 10-12-2015
Recap: Diamond Jewelry at Emmys 2015

Diamond ring Viola DavisIn Los Angeles not very long ago, the 67th Emmy awards occurred and the biggest Hollywood stars celebrated their great performance by wearing beautiful diamond jewelry. As always the red carpet brings forward a very strong trend, which was this time diamonds, rings, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings... Continue Reading.

Article 10-09-2015
Elvis Presley’s diamond ring for sale!

Diamond ring of Elvis PresleyThe 14 carat golden ring with a diamond claw crest, which is known among the Presley fans as Presley’s most prized possessions as it, was a gift from his father is up for sale! However, Presley gave it away together with a scarf to Tommy Milham after reading the interview that this super fan queued up for more than 20 hours to see him perform back in 1976... Continue Reading.

Article 10-02-2015
Stunning stamp size pink diamond up for auction

Pink diamond up for auctionsAfter the amazement of the blue diamond called ‘Blue Moon’ a stamp size pink diamond is up for auction coming November 10. Christie’s auction house is most probably going to set a record with this pink diamond ring, which contains a very rare 16.08 carat pink diamond. This will be the largest pink diamond of its kind that is going to be auctioned... Continue Reading.

Article 09-30-2015
Provenance diamond jewelry at Sotheby’s fall auction

Loose blue diamond fancy colored rare big sizeLast September 24 and September 25 Sotheby’s is kicking off the important jewels season with notable provenance diamond jewelry. The auction was held in New York City and contained very exceptional diamonds but also emeralds... Continue Reading.

Article 09-22-2015
Once in a lifetime blue diamond heads for auction

Loose blue diamond fancy colored rare big sizeThese days the diamond industry news headlines are mostly covered by the upcoming auction of an extremely rare blue diamond called ‘Blue Moon’. The loose diamond called Blue Moon is valued in between 33 to 55 million USD... Continue Reading.

Article 09-16-2015
Are the engagement ring styles changing?

Sapphire antique engagement ringsJust like all things, tastes changes and therefore also the engagement ring styles are changing.  But which diamond cut, ring metal or design is nowadays the running trend for engagement rings? Well according to jewellers there is a significant increase for rose gold and classic ring designs... Continue Reading.

Article 09-15-2015
The cousin of the famous Hope Diamond, which is surrounded by loose diamonds, is up for sale!

Spinel pink diamondAfter 98 years this rare 50.13-spinel and diamond jewelry piece is up for auction.Very soon the so-called cousin of the famous Hope Diamond will be up for sale, shining with 22 colorless loose diamonds around the center spinel. This unique diamond jewelry piece has been in the Hope’s vast collection, which contained extraordinary diamonds ... Continue Reading.

Article 09-09-2015
Recap: diamond jewelry at August 2015 MTV Music Awards

Rita Ora balck diamonds earrings by Lorraine SchwartzAt the MTV Video Music Awards the celebrities showed us amazing colored diamond jewelry. All kind of colored diamonds such as black diamonds dominated the red carpet in Los Angeles. Colored diamonds are very popular in the market at the moment and very rare to find in nature. Every year or better said every red carpet we are amazed on how the celebrities look like... Continue Reading.

Article 09-08-2015
Sotheby’s jewels auction realizes 1.84 million USD mainly due to diamond jewelry

10.94 fancy yellow colored diamond ringLast week many impressive jewelry pieces gathered in Australia for the Sotheby Important jewels auction with diamonds as highlights. One of the major diamond jewelry highlights was the 10.94 fancy yellow colored diamond ring, which is sold for an amazing amount. Resulting in a total auction sale of 1.84 million USD. This result is a new record for Sotheby Australia since ... Continue Reading.

Article 08-27-2015
Stunning diamond jewelry on coming Sotheby Auction in Australia at August 31

Yuan devaluation influences diamond prices246 incredible lots are going to be auction, such as the natural fancy yellow round cut diamond. Coming August 31, a lot of spectacular diamond jewelry will be shown at the Sotheby’s auction in Australia. Altogether there are 246 incredible lots that are going to be auctioned, among them a fancy yellow round cut diamond. The auction has all different kind of lots variation from pearls to emerald ... Continue Reading.

Article 08-23-2015
How does CNY devaluation influence worldwide trade in loose diamonds and diamond prices?

Yuan devaluation influences diamond pricesThe loose diamond industry is operating worldwide which makes it logical that some countries push it more than others. Now there has been a sudden depreciation of the Chinese Yuan, which results in the looming of the U.S. interest rate, what does this mean for the diamond prices? Last week the Zhou's People bank of China allowed the CNY to depreciate by about 3.5% ... Continue Reading.

Article 08-19-2015
Celebrities love Emerald Cut Diamond Rings, why?

Emerald cut diamond ringsMany celebrities are sealing their love with an emerald cut diamond rings, so why this fancy cut diamond? A fancy cut diamond is every cut that is not round brilliant cut. Maybe it is only us but almost every day we are amazed by the beautiful sparkling engagement rings that are given to the loved ones. Now it looks like the celebrities are loving the engagement cut diamond rings more than ... Continue Reading.

Article 08-12-2015
GIA launches digital diamond grading reports for 0.15ct- 0.29ct colorless diamonds

GIA Diamond Grading Digital ReportStarting from August 9 2015 the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) began to offer lower carat starting from 0.15ct to 0.29ct a digital diamond grading report. This new GIA certification is not available in all countries at the moment those will offer this new service in the future. The countries where the new digital diamond grading report is active is ... Continue Reading.

Article 08-07-2015
A proposal with stunning diamond engagement ring and more in Hong Kong reached 400.000 HKD

Proposal stunning engagement ringHong Kong is a very dynamic place in the world with an impressive skyline where a diamond engagement ring proposal of 400.000 HKD makes the image of the city complete. However, not only the engagement ring was a stunning eye-catcher, the helicopter with large banner stating “I love you! Stephanie BB, will you marry me?” did a very good job to impress us and most of all the lucky lady. ... Continue Reading.

Article 08-05-2015
Stunning 100 carat emerald cut diamond ring was sold for 22 million at Sotheby’s auction

200 carat uncut diamondLast Tuesday in New York a stunning 100 carat emerald cut ring was sold for more than 22 million USD at the Sotheby’s auction. The fancy cut diamond ring was the highlight of the Sotheby’s auction. The diamond ring was sold for an amount so high that the diamond ring set a new record for jewelry auction ... Continue Reading.

Article 07-30-2015
Are 1 carat diamond rings out of trends?
Diamond Registry experts share their new findings

1 carat diamond ringLovely proposals from couples with a sparkling diamond engagement ring which can be a 1 carat diamond ring or up to 10 carat diamond ring is always a very happy happening all over the world. Even when diamonds have become the symbol of infinite love and most engagement rings are with diamonds the diamond prices are often an obstacle.... Continue Reading.

Article 07-22-2015
More people have a hard time finding out which engagement ring fits them

Which engagement ring fitsWhat are the typical diamond shapes & ring settings? Because in the market there are plenty of engagement rings, the question while searching for the right engagement ring that fits you can be even more challenging. By knowing the typical diamond ring settings, diamond shapes, diamond size and color in mind it may get a bit easier... Continue Reading.

Article 07-14-2015
Do’s and Don’ts when picking out your engagement ring

Do and don't for picking your  engagement ringBuying an engagement ring is a very important and happy moment and marks a new milestone in your life. This makes the decision which diamond ring to get all the more difficult.Which diamond ring setting would you choose not even mentioning the 4Cs! ... Continue Reading.

Article 07-07-2015
Find out the 5 diamond cuts that are trending, engagement rings of 2015

5 trendy cuts for engagement ringsFancy shaped diamonds such as princess cut or cushion cut are taking over the engagement rings.Are you looking around for engagement rings and you don't know where to start? Let us help you by informing you about new trends that came out regarding the 5 trending diamond cuts for engagement rings this 2015. Continue Reading.

Article 06-29-2015
Statistics show more women are buying their own diamonds

Women buying their own diamondsBuying diamond jewelry for themselves for fun or investment is getting more common, find out more. In the household today, who really buys the diamonds? Surprisingly for some, it is the women who are buying the diamond jewelry at the moment... Continue Reading.

Article 06-22-2015
Very rare Argyle pink diamond first time publicly up for sale

Argyle Pink diamond for saleThis pink colored diamond belongs to the best pink diamonds of the industry. In the diamond industry pink diamonds are very desired, often set in diamond rings or diamond necklaces. Each year there are pink colored diamonds sold from a very specific mine but it is quite hard to purchase this colored diamond since it goes through a very private tender process... Continue Reading.

Article 06-17-2015
Extravagant diamond rings are gaining popularity

120 carat necklace with red rubies and colorless diamondsUnusual diamond engagement rings are the new modern ring to be. Every individual has its own taste when it comes to diamond rings. Some would prefer a diamond engagement ring that comes with a solitaire setting, high prong, halo setting... Continue Reading.

Article 06-15-2015
Top jewelry trends with certified diamonds seen this year

120 carat necklace with red rubies and colorless diamondsOutstanding diamond jewelry pieces with certified diamonds is seen this year. This year the diamond jewelry looks are just as strong in uniqueness, or maybe stronger than 2014. Some say most of the diamond jewelry is becoming one of a kind jewelry. Continue Reading.

Last Article 06-12-2015
New record for Christie’s diamond jewelry auction in Asia

120 carat necklace with red rubies and colorless diamondsLast Tuesday June 2 Christie’s Hong Kong magnificent jewelry sale sold many impressive diamond jewelry pieces. The auction that was held in Asia set a new record for three pieces of jewelry of which one was a breathtaking necklace mixed with colorless diamonds and red rubies. Continue Reading.

Article 06-09-2015
Find out more about the 3 most popular Irish engagement ring styles

3 most popular Irish engagement ring stylesAre you looking for an engagement ring with another kind of style? Maybe you'd like a bit of an Irish twist to your future engagement ring. The Irish engagement rings have a story behind every diamond ring... Continue Reading.

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