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Online Diamond Jewelry Sellers Are Earning More In Online Business

2006: Online Diamond Jewelry Sellers Are a Non-Traveled Shopping of Diamond’s Jewelry

January/February 2006

One thing is clear: Some of the biggest gains this holiday season came from online sellers of diamonds and jewelry.

According to a study from ComScore Media Metrix, twenty-two percent more unique visitors surfed jewelry, luxury goods and accessories Web sites in December than November.

ComScore also estimates that non-travel online spending between Nov. 1 and Dec. 25 rose 25% to $18.11 billion, from $14.5 billion last year.

Not only that, but online diamond sellers are selling bigger items. Blue Nile reported selling a $170,000 stone. sold a pair of $94,000 diamond earrings, which was the highest priced item it sold this season.

And the Diamond Registry sold an over-ten carat for $385,000 stone, from a customer that found us online and later followed up with phone calls and emails.


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