Accidently Lost Diamond Ring Can Be Recovered From Dump
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Accidently Lost Diamond Ring Is Not Problem in Developed Country

2006: Accidently Lost Diamond Ring Can Be Found By Contacting Sanitation Department

Summer 2006

A man who accidentally threw his wife’s diamond ring in the garbage was able to recover it at a local dump, reports say.

Staten Islander Ron Goldstein reportedly kept the diamond ring he got 35 years ago in a napkin for safekeeping while his wife was in the hospital. But somehow the napkin was thrown away, and he awoke to find a garbage truck with the napkin driving away.

Goldstein called a local Department of Sanitation garage. Eventually, Goldstein and sanitation workers sorted through 7 feet worth of garbage bag, until they finally found the ring.

As a Sanitation Department spokesman told the New York Daily News: "There are 12,000 tons of garbage each day in the naked city and we were able to find Mr. Goldstein's ring. Only in New York."


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