Many Diamond Consumers Are Aware About the New Movie” The Blood Diamond”
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Many Diamond Consumers Showed Unwillingness for Watching the Blood Diamond

2006: Many Diamond Consumers Are Aware About This Piece of Fiction Writing

November 2006

Consumer awareness of the upcoming movie, "The Blood Diamond," has doubled since June, according to a follow-up Internet survey. However, fewer respondents intend to see the movie than initially reported.

According to a study of 2,942 Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council panelists in October:

Nearly one-third of respondents have heard about the movie compared to 15 percent four months earlier.

27 percent report in October that they are extremely unlikely to see the film as compared to 23 percent who reported the same in June.

In addition, of the 46 percent back in June who were extremely to somewhat likely to see the picture, only 43 percent report the same in October.

Elizabeth Chatelain, president of MVI Marketing, said that "Regardless of any consumer outcry against blood diamonds, or lack thereof, jewelers have the opportunity to take what could be a negative and turn it into a positive by discussing upfront the things they do to ensure a clean supply chain." and to be socially responsible in general."  


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