Online Diamond Gifts Attract More Customers on Valentine’s Day
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Online Diamond Gifts On Valentine’s Day Keep Diamond Sale On Rise

2005: Online Diamond Gifts On Valentine’s Day Have Become A Trend

March 2005

Online sales of diamonds for Valentine’s Day more than doubled over last year and posted the highest rise in all categories of gifts, according to Internet company VeriSign. VeriSign Payment Services processes more than 37 percent of North American e-commerce transactions.

The company said there a particularly strong rise in sales of big-ticket goods. At $427, the diamonds category recorded the highest single-item ticket price, with the average price for all categories of gifts being $144—a slight rise of two percent on 2004.

Online jewelry sales jumped 34 percent during the Valentine's Day period of February 1-14.

Although categories across-the-board increased during the Valentine's Day period.



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