Diamond Encourages The Everlasting Love For Couples
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Diamond Encourages The Everlasting Love For Couples In The Form Of Diamond Rings

2005: Diamond Encourages The Everlasting Love On Presenting Diamond Rings On Anniversaries

February 2005

J. Walter Thompson, the advertising agency for the Diamond Trading Company, is launching a new initiative geared towards getting couples to express their lasting love through a piece of diamond jewelry.

The new advertising and marketing campaigns feature the tagline “I Forever Do.” Reportedly this campaign will take up 22% of the company’s annual advertising budget.

JWT research show that while there is a $4.8 billion market for anniversary diamond jewelry, only 6 percent of married women received diamond jewelry for an anniversary in 2003. With 56 million anniversaries annually, JWT projects that, if the campaign number could increase to 10 percent, the market would grow to $8 billion.
A new series of “Seize the Day” advertisements focusing on anniversaries and targeting men will break in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today in February.

A second print campaign, “Pictures,” which features a collage of photos of real-life married couples that depict their life together, will run in magazines targeting men and women in March.

The television commercial, “Steps,” in which a husband asks his wife to marry him again, will be revised to feature the “I Forever Do” tagline and will begin airing in February. 


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