Unpolished Stolen Diamonds Were Discovered By Police
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Unpolished Stolen Diamonds Hidden in Helicopter

2004: Unpolished Stolen Diamonds Were Supposed To Be Smuggled From Namibia

Feb. 2004

631 unpolished diamonds worth millions were recently found in two parcels hidden under a seat in a helicopter. The stones were believed to have been smuggled out of a De Beers mining vessel in Namibia.

The helicopter was carrying 10 employees on a regular crew change from three of its vessels to the mining town on Thursday afternoon. Four employees were charged with unlawfully possessing the stones.

This is the second incident in the past two weeks in which gems have been found on board the helicopters. According to the police, about 45 stones were found concealed in a similar manner two weeks ago on a helicopter being cleaned at the Oranjemund airport, also in Namibia.


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