‘Forevermark’ Project Of DTC Launched By De Beers
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‘Forevermark’ Project Of DTC And Marketing Campaign Of De Beers

2004: ‘Forevermark’ Project Of DTC And South African Business Day

Nov. 2004

The DTC officially launched the pilot for the Forevermark in Hong Kong. The Forevermark is De Beers’ plan to build confidence in diamonds, by having the mark stand for “genuine, natural, untreated, ethically sourced and exceptionally crafted” stones. Six sightholders have been chosen to participate in the program and will sell it through sightholders in Hong Kong.

De Beers also launched a formal marketing campaign to promote the mark. The logo seems to be similar to the one the World Federation of Diamond Bourses is working on (see front page), in that it is meant to increase consumer confidence.

Still, according to Business Day in South Africa, some see the development of the “mark” as a sign De Beers wants to strengthen its hold on the market, and it could therefore face legal anti-trust related challenges.


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