Bridal Diamond Jewelry Trends Are Hopeful for Jewelers
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Bridal Diamond Jewelry Trends Attract Wooing Men to Buy Diamond Rings

2003: Bridal Diamond Jewelry Trends Are Rising with Every Passing Day

Oct. 2003

Think you know everything about the bridal market? Think again... from advice on proposals to trends in who’s doing the proposing, there’s always something new under the sun.

According to recent news report, one of the most surprising trends is women taking on the starring role in proposals. According to a study by Korbel Champagne Cellars, 65 percent of Americans polled are open to the idea of woman doing the proposing--with more than three-quarters of men saying this is perfectly fine by them.

Other revelations of this survey are: 48 percent of women would propose to their significant others, and four out of five men would accept such a proposal. What does that mean for the retail diamond jeweler--accustomed to wooing men into stores to buy the engagement ring? Possibly focusing on the women as a target bridal customer. According to jewelers, more and more women are shopping for diamonds long before the proposal, anyway, so why not market to these women to come into the store, choose the perfect ring, then keep in on hold for the man to buy--after he’s accepted her proposal, of course!

As for the act of proposing, bridal guru Fred Cuellar offers tips on how men (or women!) can avoid proposal gaffes.

Among the no-nos:

* Proposing on a holiday or birthday (choose a date meaningful to your relationship, instead);

* leaking the news to everyone you know (allow the bride-to-be some of that fun after she accepts);

* not having “The Talk” with her father or other family member. It may seem old-fashioned, but “asking for her hand” is still considered important by nearly half of Americans in a recent poll.


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