World’s Diamond Dealers Are Getting Fake Emails
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World’s Diamond Dealers Are Depressed by Fake Emails

2001: World’s Diamond Dealers Seem Disturbed by Fake Emails

Sept. 2001

A number of dealers have been receiving emails almost daily from someone identifying himself as an assistant leader of Sierra Leone’s rebel group the "Revolutionary United Front" writing from Senegal, who mentions an "urgent business proposal," and seeks money to arrange a supposed transfer of diamonds.

The Diamond Registry has a firm policy against buying, selling, or being anyway involved with "conflict diamonds," so we would never be interested. In any case, we feel these emails are probably fraudulent, a variation on the old scam where someone from Nigeria tries to arrange money for a diamond shipment. Though the email keeps saying it’s "risk free," it’s obvious that people should stay away from anything that appears too good to be true — not to mention illegal. The Internet just makes it easier to do a mass mailing for this type of dubious scam.

We hope the fact that these emails seem to be coming more frequently is a sign of desperation by whoever has been sending them — because people in this industry are too moral — and savvy — to fall for such a con.


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