Diamond Jewelry Appraisal Standards for Improved Diamond Trade
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Diamond Jewelry Appraisal Standards Will Favor Fair Diamond Appraisals

2001: Diamond Jewelry Appraisal Standards Are Meant to Resolve Appraisal Issues

Oct. 2001

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee, with funding from the JCK industry fund, has founded a non-profit trade association for appraisers. The organization, J-BAR--the Jewelers Board of Appraisal Review--will be a resource to both appraisers and users of appraisal professionals from jewelers to insurance companies. It will set minimum jewelry appraisal practice standards, provide easily accessible appraisal practice education and act to resolve disputes involving appraisals.

Interim executive director of the new trade group, Cecilia Gardner, expects to have a board of directors in place by the end of 2001. As it moves through its development stages, updates will be posed on J-BAR’s new website, www.jbar.org.


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