Holiday Diamond Buyers Brings Growth in Diamond Sales
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Holiday Diamond Buyers Play Role in Increasing Diamond Sales

2000: Holiday Diamond Buyers Boost Diamond Business Track

March 2000

An AGS survey found that ninety percent of members of the American Gem Society experienced an increase in sales over the 1998 holiday season.

In addition, 16% of AGS members experienced an increase of over 40% from last year’s sales. AGS Executive Director Robert Bridel said that this higher than average increase in sales proves that the public is demanding higher quality jewelry.

The biggest growth in sales was in the diamond segment, AGS reported. Of the colored gemstones, sapphires had the biggest sales. Tanzanite and Amethyst were the second and third choices amongst holiday buyers.

AGS Conclave In Philadelphia To Stress Education

The American Gem Society is expected to hold its largest-ever International Conclave this year. The event will take place this March 22-25 at the Philadelphia Marriott.

The educational component of the convention comprises 58 classes divided into seven tracks. The seven tracks are: appraisal, bench, branding, business, gemology, revolutionary thinking and technology.

The bench track is new to the conclave and will include four live demonstrations. Branding will be the opening session at the conclave this year because it is the hottest topic in the industry. Dr. David Shore, one of the foremost authorities on branding, will be at this session.

The business track is made up of nine classes and two roundtable discussions. These classes will discuss training, sales, trade shows, and online retailing. The gemology track will be led by Gemological Institute of America experts. This class will discuss identification of treated gemstones. The revolutionary thinking track will discuss news that has hit the industry.

The technology track will discuss the new technologies that are in use in the industry and how technology is changing the industry.


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