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Upgrading the diamond in your jewelry can be done safely and easily with our Jewelry Exchange service. Whether you own a diamond ring, earring, necklace, bracelet, pendant or any other type of jewelry; our diamond experts can help you to exchange your diamond and upgrade to a different quality. People commonly wish to exchange their jewelry to upgrade to a larger carat size (from 2 carat to 3 carat for example) or to switch to another diamond shape (from a round cut diamond to a princess cut diamond).


The first step to Jewelry Exchange – Diamond Certification

When you put your diamond ring up for jewelry exchange, the prospective diamond buyers need to receive some sorts of guarantee regarding the quality features of your diamond. This requires you to get a diamond certification performed by an objective gem lab. We recommend that you use the diamond appraisal and diamond certification services of the GIA – the most authoritative gem lab with accurate diamond certification of an internationally recognized standard. There are other gem labs like AGS, IGI, HRD and CIBJO; however GIA remains the most accurate and is widely used by diamond experts in the industry to get diamond certification. The GIA grading report will provide insight into the diamond’s main quality features such as carat, color, clarity and cut; as well as the diamond’s measurements, fluorescence, symmetry and finish.


How it works – select from our inventory of loose diamonds at wholesale prices

What happens when you use our Jewelry Exchange service? Simple. You upgrade the diamond you’re wearing right now to a different quality and pay the difference set at the best possible price. That’s because you get to select a diamond from our worldwide inventory of loose diamonds at wholesale prices. All our diamonds are GIA certified and before any purchase or exchange is made, you will review the GIA grading report and see the diamond with your own eyes either in our New York office or Hong Kong office; with one of our agents in Taiwan, Shanghai, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Tel Aviv; or we send our agents to meet you in person at any other specified location. As a diamond wholesaler, we have access to sources inaccessible to the public which means we can offer you loose diamonds far below retail prices – often saving you up to 50%.




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Step 1: DIAMOND SHAPE: How to choose ?

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STEP 2: DIAMOND SIZE: How to choose ?

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