Heart shaped diamond ring
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Heart shaped diamond ring

What is more romantic than giving
a heart shaped fancy cut diamond?

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Step 1: DIAMOND SHAPE: How to choose ?

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The fancy cut diamonds

trillion cut diamond ringPeople associate a heart shape with life or love, therefore the heart shaped diamond ring is often seen as engagement rings. The symbol heart shaped fancy cut easily evokes innocence or pure love. Maybe that is why the heart shape diamond ring sells better around Valentine’s Day. A heart shaped diamond belongs to the fancy cut diamonds. A fancy cut diamond refer to diamonds that are not round shaped. In the industry, the shape of a diamond is either a round brilliant cut or fancy cut which refers to every other diamond shape that is not round. Examples of fancy cut are the princess cut diamond, the marquise cut diamond, the Asscher cut diamond, trillion cut or that sweet heart shaped diamond.

The heart shape diamond:

The name of the diamond shape already reveals how the diamond looks, like a heart. Not every diamond cutter can make a heart shaped diamond. The skill of the diamond cutter can make a big difference in the appearance of the diamond. The lobes of the heart need to have a well-defined outline and be symmetric. But at the same time the cutting needs to ensure that the brilliance is still there.

Trending ring styles with heart shaped diamonds

Heart Shaped Diamond RingIf the heart shaped diamond ring is that popular to express love, which ring styles is most popular with this cut? Obviously a pink colored diamond that is cut into a heart shaped diamond will look much more romantic. Already the color pink is lovely, sweet and innocent to look at. A red colored heart shape diamond would even be more impressive but also expensive. Because red colored diamonds are rarely found in nature and therefore very rare.

Based on the market, the trending styles mounted with heart shaped diamonds rings are prongs filled with diamonds. A prong has metal claws that holds the loose diamond on its place and in this prong small diamonds are mounted. This makes die heart shaped diamond ring more special without stealing the attention of the main diamond stone. Another favorite ring style is having everything “pink”. The ring band is rose gold and the heart shape diamond is pink color. Sometimes the ring band is even mounted with pink diamond just like an eternity band to give it a bit more glamour. Next to these two diamond ring trends there are many others that can inspire your engagement ring or wedding ring.

So which other heart shaped diamond ring trends do you think is trending at the moment?




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