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Fancy diamonds

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Fancy diamonds are colored diamonds

Fancy Diamonds mounted on ring settingsMost diamonds found and sold today are colorless diamonds, fancy diamonds are in fact colored diamonds and have an unparalleled beauty and elegance. Fancy diamonds come in all types of colors such as black, red, pink, green, champagne, chocolate, yellow, purple and orange. Yellow diamonds are the most commonly found fancy diamonds, and red and green are by far the most rare and unique colors. Most of the fancy diamonds found today are around 1 carat. To find a fancy diamond that is larger than that, you have to be extremely lucky and fortunate. That is why they fetch incredible prices at diamond auctions.



Different grading for fancy diamonds

Fancy diamond 8,6 caratBecause fancy diamonds are very different from colorless diamonds, they also have a different grading system. They will still be graded by the major diamond grading labs such as GIA, but using different color grading scales and assessment criteria. For example, colorless diamonds are graded on a color grading scale where D is colorless and most desirable and Z has a slight yellowish hue. However, fancy diamonds are graded on color intensity and hue strength. The more intense and present the color, the more rare and desirable. For that reason, most fancy diamonds will be cut into fancy shaped because shapes like the Radiant cut diamond and Princess cut diamond really bring out the natural color.


Where to buy the finest fancy colored diamonds

To buy fancy diamonds is not the easiest task. Finding the ideal diamond that meets your preferences and fits your budget is difficult enough, but finding fancy diamonds that do just that is even more difficult. That’s because fancy diamonds are so very difficult to find. Attending diamond auctions will give you a good idea of what is available on the current diamond market. If you want to know more about sourcing fancy diamonds, ask for free quote from our diamond experts and they will discuss the options available to you. If the diamond is out there, we will find it.



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