Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

for a special bond
between two people

The most beautiful jewelry pieces

Diamond rings are the ultimate jewelry pieces, with a brilliance and allure unparalleled by any other precious gemstone or metal. Most rings are given to another person to seal an engagement, to celebrate an anniversary or to show commitment with a promise ring. There are endless possibilities to choose from when it comes to design, the type of metal to use for the band and the diamond itself. Most people prefer a solitaire ring which means the ring has only a single large stone as a centerpiece. When it comes to metals, you can choose from Platinum, 18k gold, 14k gold and palladium amongst others. The diamond can vary in numerous ways with different carat weight, clarity grades, color grades and cut grades.

Diamond Ring

Diamond engagement rings

The most special ring you will every buy, is a diamond engagement ring. Something as special as an engagement should only be graced with the most exceptional diamond ring. Choosing the right diamond shape is the most important step. Every shape has different characteristics, brilliance and price range. Cushion cuts are more fit for antique engagement rings, Princess Cut rings make for a more modern design and Round Brilliant Cut engagement rings are the most brilliant of all. Some engagement rings have 1 carat shoulder stones, most often using Pear Shape diamonds to complement the center stone.

How to buy diamonds online

There are many different online sources to buy diamond rings online which means you can find more beautiful designs online than you could at any single jewelry store. It is important that you understand the 4Cs of diamonds: carat weight, clarity, color and cut. This will help you to understand the diamond pricing method. When you buy diamonds online, make sure that you only buy diamonds that are issued with a certificate from an objective gem laboratory such as the Gemological institute of America (GIA), America Gemological Society (AGS) or International Gemological Institute (IGI). With certified diamonds, you have reliable and in-depth information about the quality of the diamond you intend to purchase.

3 tips to buy diamonds online at the best price

  • Buy GIA certified loose diamonds at wholesale prices to get the quality diamond you want at the best possible price. By excluding the middlemen and retail margins, you can buy better quality diamonds with the same budget. The closer you buy to the source, the smarter your purchase.
  • Buy loose diamonds and have them mounted separately. This gives you more control over the budget as you decide the type of stone to go on the design you want. A 3 carat VVS2 F color diamond will look almost the same as a VS1 E color but the price difference is significant.


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