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Diamond & Rings

When it comes to jewelry, nothing compares to the stunning brilliance and elegance of diamond rings. Most rings are given for someone’s birthday, to celebrate an anniversary, as part of the wedding ceremony or to announce a lifetime commitment with the engagement ring – the King of Rings. There are many different options available to you that allow you to create a ring that is uniquely yours and perfectly matches you as a couple.

Read the following articles to understand the difference between a bezel setting and a prong setting, why a Halo ring design with an eternity ring band is the most popular today, why the radiant cut diamond and princess cut diamond are popular for engagement rings, how to calculate the price for a 10 carat diamond ring and how you can buy loose diamonds and jewelry services separately saving you up to 50% off retail prices.

Picking the Perfect Diamond Rings

For a special bond between two people

Most rings are given to another person to seal an engagement, to celebrate an anniversary or to show commitment with a promise ring. There are endless possibilities to choose from when it comes to design, the type of metal to use for the band and the diamond itself... READ MORE

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

The most beautiful collor engagement rings

If you want to have a diamond ring that is different than what most people have, consider buying a yellow diamond engagement ring. In fact, as a couple you would be an early adopter of an emerging trend as more and more Hollywood celebrities have been spotted with yellow diamond engagement rings.... READ MORE

Engagement Ring Settings

Diamond ring settings explained

You have chosen the Diamond of your dreams, it is now time to mount it on a ring. Besides the material and the design of your ring, the setting that holds the stone in place is another choice to take into consideration. Discover the Bezel Setting, the Prong Setting, the Channel Set and then Invisible Setting, 4 of the most used ring settings... READ MORE

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Pink Diamond rings are exquisite

Pink diamonds of jewelry quality are one of the world’s rarest diamond jewels and most enigmatic – nobody knows exactly why pink diamonds are pink... READ MORE


Promise Rings

Promise rings for her and for him

Promise rings are usually simple, subtle and elegant. Whether you want a solitaire ring, halo ring or eternity ring is up to your own preference and what you think would match your partner’s taste. For women, most promise rings have a Round Brilliant Cut between 1 and 2 carat as a center stone, and micropavé diamonds along a white gold ring band. The second most popular design.... READ MORE

Wedding Ring

A very special ring

A wedding ring is one of the most meaningful jewelry pieces you will ever wear. Usually a wedding ring is given during the wedding ceremony and symbolizes a couple’s commitment to each other. Wedding rings are most commonly made of precious metal, and the woman’s wedding ring is often decorated with diamonds. .... READ MORE

Men's Diamond Ring

The ring a man will not take off

There is a wide range of men’s diamond rings available. Some of the men’s diamond rings are mounted with diamonds above 2 carat but most of them have diamonds that are 2 carat or lower. The diamond shape for men’s diamond rings is mostly round shape. You can roughly divide men’s diamond rings into 3 categories... READ MORE


Diamond Ring

Beautiful diamond jewelry

A diamond ring is an amazing gift, treasured by many, it's the ultimate jewelry piece, with a brilliance and allure unparalleled by any other precious gemstone or jewelry. Mostly, a diamond ring is given to another person to seal an engagement, to celebrate an anniversary or to show commitment with a promise ring... READ MORE

Diamond Engagement Rings

More than just jewelry

Traditional or modern approach, of all the different types of rings, a diamond engagement ring is the most special ring you will ever buy. An engagement between two people forms a special bond, and only the most beautiful diamond rings are fit for engagements... READ MORE

Vintage Engagement Rings

One of a kind engagement rings with a story

There are no rules, but usually vintage engagement rings have one or more of the following design elements.... READ MORE

Black Diamond Ring

A Mystical Diamond Jewelry

Black Diamond RingMany people are drawn to a modern approach and look for a black diamond ring. Fancy color diamonds offer an elegant and sophisticated take on diamond rings and a black diamond ring has a mysterious beauty all of its own. .... READ MORE

Engagement Rings

4 steps to purchasing the perfect engagement rings

Follow these 4 steps to have more control over the quality of your diamonds, the design of your engagement ring and ultimately your budget.... READ MORE

Unique Engagement Rings

Creating custom engagement rings made easy

When creating unique engagement rings, you play the role of the jeweler as you pick the metal types, ring settings, overall ring design and loose diamonds..... READ MORE

Black diamond Engagement ring

Mysterious black diamond engagement rings have a beauty all of their own

Quite the opposite of colorless diamonds and other fancy color diamonds, black diamonds show no fire and are not transparent yet they are equally extraordinary.... READ MORE

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring


The yellow diamond engagement ring is becoming increasingly popular these days. The popularity of the yellow diamond engagement ring is partly due to the increase of interest in colored diamonds. Colored diamonds are rarely found and graded in their own way compared to colorless diamonds.... Read More

Antique Engagement Ring

Truly timeless & Unique engagement rings

Most antique engagement rings will probably have a round diamond, Asscher cut diamond or emerald cut diamonds set as the center stone.... READ MORE

Princess-Cut Diamond Rings

Referred to by some as a square modified brilliant, the princess cut diamond has a sparkle similar to that of the round cut diamond but at a much better price.... READ MORE

Emerald Cut Engagement ring

Traditional diamond engagement rings are usually mounted with a round diamond, but if you are interested in a modern approach to the engagement ring there are many different options available to you in terms of loose diamond shape, overall design.... READ MORE

Blue Diamond Ring

The most irresistible colored diamond

3,2 carat fancy blue diamond ringThere are many vibrant colors in the world of fancy colored diamond jewelry, but one of the most mesmerizing are without a doubt blue diamond rings. .... READ MORE

Unique Wedding Rings

Even more personalized

Couples who want to create unique wedding rings can choose from a wide variety of unique wedding rings, in terms of metal type for the wedding band, the ring setting and the kind of loose diamond that is mounted onto the unique wedding ring... Read More

Diamond Rings for women

Sparkling loose diamonds that deserve attention

Colorless diamonds are the best known for diamond rings for women. However, colored diamonds are making its way into the diamond industry. Due to the increase in popularity of colored diamonds, many more blue diamond rings and pink diamond rings for women have been spotted as engagement rings in the Hollywood scene... Read More


2 carat diamond ring

3 carat diamond ring

5 carat diamond ring

6 Carat Diamond Ring

9 carat diamond ring

10 carat diamond ring

Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

One of the most attractive fancy cuts Continue Reading...

Asscher cut engagement rings

A diamond cut that is timeless

Getting engaged using a royal diamond cut means he or she will propose with one of the many Asscher cut engagement rings. The Asscher cut diamond is sometimes called the royal Asscher cut. It features a small table, high crown, deep pavilion and cut corners to draw the eye to the center of the diamond.... Read More

Yellow gold engagement rings

The purest colored gold

Yellow gold engagement rings are the purest color of all colored golds. The yellow gold engagement ring bands are historically and mostly used for wedding rings or engagement rings. In these days yellow gold ring bands are also used for vintage style rings... Read More

Yellow diamond rings

Meet the canary yellow diamond

A lot of colored diamonds have been seen on ladies’ hands recently, for example pink diamond rings or yellow diamond rings. Many celebrities and fashion icons have been spotted wearing yellow diamond rings as statement jewelry and engagement rings... Read More

4 Carat Diamond Ring

4 carat diamond rings are favorable engagement rings, wedding rings and promise rings. The ring combinations that can be made with 4 carat diamond rings are endless.
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Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Set with scintillating blue diamonds. As a natural outcome, blue diamond engagement rings are very difficult to come by. This means that you need to talk to the right wholesale diamond experts and use the best source to find the elusive blue diamonds.
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Round Cut Engagement Rings

Number one engagement Ring! The round cut engagement rings are one of the most sold engagement rings on the market. Next to round cut engagement rings the princess cut engagement rings and cushion cut engagement rings.
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Pink diamond rings

The color that evokes romance. Rings are mostly given to loved ones to show commitment or emotions. The pink diamond rings give a soft fairy tale glance, which make these rings a popular pick for engagement rings.
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Oval Diamond Ring

The diamond cut with 56 to 58 facets, the oval diamond cut was created in the early 1960s but still the oval diamond ring remains popular for engagements rings and wedding rings. 
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7 Carat Diamond Ring

A 7 carat diamond ring is not seen so often due to the rarity of the diamond size. Fewer than 20 percent of all the loose diamonds that are found in nature are true gem quality.
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Diamond Engagement Ring

The diamond industry offers a wide range of engagement rings to choose from. The diamond engagement ring can be classical or in a modern style. 
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Emerald cut engagement rings

Emerald cut diamond rings are the most popular in the industry among the modern diamond rings. The round cut diamonds are sold the most in the diamond industry.
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Blue Diamond Rings

Receiving blue diamond rings is very impressive but also a true investment. Blue diamonds are among one of the rarest colored diamonds together with green and red diamonds.
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2 Carat Engagement Rings

How to find the finest 2 carat engagement rings at the best price. A popular choice for many when they are planning to propose to their partner are 2 carat engagement rings. Both the size and price of 2 carat engagement rings make it the ideal choice for most diamond buyers.
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Engagement Rings Online

Purchasing diamonds online is for some of us very convenient or very scary, because how do you buy this major important purchase with one click of a mouse. 3 tips for buying diamond engagement rings online
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Yellow Diamond Rings

Meet the canary yellow diamond. Many celebrities and fashion icons have been spotted wearing yellow diamond rings as statement jewelry and engagement rings.
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Black diamond rings for women

The mysterious colored diamond that looks striking. The only loose diamond that is not transparent Black diamond rings for women can look very dramatic but most of all very stunning.
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Valentine’s Day essential diamond buying tips

I’m going to save you the trouble I went through last year, and share the advice I received as a rookie from a seasoned diamond expert with over 30 years’ experience.
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Top 3 Mistakes Destroying

Your engagement ring...
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10 Most Precious Jewels of 2014

Record breaking loose diamonds
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Square Cut Engagement Rings

Modern diamond engagement rings
Continue Reading...

Round Diamond Engagement Rings

The most familiar rings
Continue Reading...

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