How to select the ring metal for your diamond ring
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How to select the ring metal for your diamond ring

When selecting diamond rings for men, people often only pay attention to the diamonds and its setting in the ring. The precious metal that is used to make the ring is very important especially when selecting diamonds rings for men, as one has to pick a metal that will be able to withstand the everyday use of the ring. Diamond rings for men can be made using any precious or non precious metal. Let us have a look at some of the common precious metals that are used to make diamond rings for men.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold, also known as natural gold, is a very popular choice for jewelry. However, gold is a very soft metal and therefore it has to be mixed with other metals to make it strong enough to be made into jewelry. If you are looking for diamond rings for men made of yellow gold, ensure that you don’t opt for high carat number rings as they can be soft and bend easily, causing the diamond to fall off.

White Gold

White Gold is made by combining gold with white alloys such as palladium and silver. As white gold includes alloys, the metal is a lot harder than yellow gold. Therefore, it is a very popular metal choice for diamond rings for men, as these rings will be able to handle daily use of the ring.


Platinum diamond rings for men are very popular as platinum is a pure white metal, which is liked be men. Most men prefer to avoid jewelry that is flashy, and platinum jewelry is subtle and elegant, making it a popular choice for men. A large number of diamonds rings for men that are sold across the globe, tend to be rings made out of platinum. Even though platinum is more expensive and heavier than gold, it does not lose its value easily. Therefore, diamond platinum rings are a very good option.

  • If you want to buy loose diamonds at wholesale prices, you should have some knowledge about diamonds
  • You can find articles and information regarding diamonds all over the internet and by reading these articles, you should be able to get a basic idea on what to look for in diamonds
  • The quality of a diamond is graded based on the 4Cs: color, clarity, cut and carat.
  • You should have an idea about which color grade, and clarity grade, is best suited for a diamond of a particular cut and carat
  • Some cuts allow for stones that are of a lower clarity and color grade, which is an effective way to save money

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Check the education section for a detailed explanation of the 4 C's.

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Learn more about the Diamond's Color, understand how different colors can affect the Diamond Prices
Learn more about the Diamond's Cut, understand how the cut tremendously affects the Diamond Prices
Learn more about the Diamond's Carat (weight), 2 Carat diamond, 3 Carat diamond or 4 carat diamond prices are depending many variables.

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