Why Pear shaped diamonds are ideal for engagement rings
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Why Pear shaped diamonds are ideal for engagement rings

Pear shaped diamonds are said to be the perfect fusion of the marquise shaped diamonds and the traditional round brilliant diamonds. Marquise diamonds are oval shaped with pointed top and bottom. When the brilliant round cut and the marquise cut is fused, you get a shape, which has one pointed end and one round end. This unique shape is also known as the teardrop. Pear shaped diamonds are available in varieties of wide to slim cuts and should have very good symmetry. The pointed end of the diamond should line up with the round end’s apex. The upper and lower curves on both sides of the stone should be uniform and symmetrical, without any straight edges. The usual length to width ratio of the Pear shaped diamonds is between 1.40 and 1.70.

Why Pear shaped engagement rings are considered perfect

Pear shaped diamonds are considered to be perfect stones for engagement rings. Let us look at a few reasons why it is so. • The design of a pear shaped or teardrop shaped engagement ring is unique. This uniqueness will add more value to the ring when compared to the other common engagement rings used by people. • The teardrop shaped engagement ring will help to elongate your fingers, similar to oval diamonds. • As the pear shape is more of a modified round brilliant diamond, all the 58 sparkling facets that can be found in the popular round diamond cut is also seen in the Pear shaped diamond. This makes this stone as brilliant as the round cut. • These diamonds are versatile and therefore can be used in different settings. They can be used as the center stone or can be added as diamond accents. As, the Pear shaped diamond has a pointed edge, it is important to support that end with an angled prong to avoid any damage to the stone.

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