Diamond Engagement Ring
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Diamond Engagement Ring

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Every engagement ring deserves a diamond

A diamond engagement ring is at the heart of every proposal. The moment when you are on one knee and propose with your diamond engagement ring, you are creating a beautiful memory for the two of you. But engagement rings were not always set with diamonds, this has only become a tradition over the last 100 years. This diamond can be cut into a round shape, heart shape, oval shape and many more shapes. But from all the diamond shapes to mount into a diamond engagement ring, the round shaped diamond claims three-quarters of the sales.

An engagement ring is mostly a ring that is more sparkling and glamorous than a wedding ring because it will not be worn every day. But sometimes it is a jewelry to show the world, just like Jennifer Lopez who received an 8.5 carat blue diamond worth 4 million USD for her engagement. The marriage is sadly over, but it is still one of the most valued rings in her collection.

Diamond Engagement Ring

A wide range of engagement rings

The diamond industry offers a wide range of engagement rings to choose from. The diamond engagement ring can be classical or in a modern style. Several upcoming modern styles for diamond engagement rings are stackable rings, rose golden rings, colored diamond rings or fully mounted engagement rings. The engagement rings mounted with colored diamonds such as pink, blue, yellow, brown, red or green look very special. It is even so that more and more people are looking for engagement rings with colored diamonds due to the rarity. In addition, colored diamond engagement rings are cut into the favorable fancy shapes such as cushion, radiant and pear shape.

Creating your own unique diamond engagement ring

Proposing to your loved one is already a very personal moment. All the more reason to create your own unique diamond engagement ring to complete your moment. In order to create your own diamond engagement ring, it is important to know what possibilities are available. Did you know that it is possible to buy loose diamond at wholesale prices? If not, it is good to know that buying loose diamonds does not only save money but it will also allow you to have more possibilities in diamond shape, quality and weight. Afterwards you can mount the diamond into a ring setting you designed. Ask for a free quote and receive the up-to-date diamond prices for GIA loose diamonds together with expert advice and in-house jewelers. Thus, treat yourself and your soulmate on a proposal you never dared to dream of.


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