Chocolate diamond
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Chocolate diamond

The most beautiful brown diamond

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What is a chocolate diamond?

A specific shade of brown diamonds are sometimes referred to chocolate diamonds. The brown hue in chocolate diamonds is caused by structural distortions in the diamond lattice which modifies their absorption of light. Specifically, it is the internal parallel grain lines that cause the brown color. The look of chocolate diamond rings and earrings is rather casual, which is why so many people often have at least one set of chocolate diamond earrings. You can wear it to any type of occasion or even just on a daily basis. The Golden Jubilee Diamond, found in South Africa, weighed 545.67 carat and is the largest chocolate diamond ever to be found. From the rough, it was cut into a beautiful cushion cut diamond shape.

Selecting quality chocolate diamonds

Chocolate diamond colored

Whether you are interested in chocolate diamond engagement rings, or other type of jewelry, it is important that you know how to select high quality chocolate diamonds. The most important factor that determines the value of a chocolate diamond, or any fancy color diamond for that matter, is the quality of the color. This means you need to look at hue, saturation, tone and distribution. All of these are stated on the diamond certificate, for which we highly recommend GIA certificates because they are the most reliable and accurate – highly important especially when buying fancy colored diamonds. Hue is basically the dominant color of a stone. Tone assesses the lightness of darkness of that color. Saturation describes the intensity of the hue or main color. Distribution refers to how evenly that beautiful brown chocolate color is spread across the body of the diamond.

Calculating chocolate diamond value

The quality of the chocolate color as described before is the most important factor when determining the chocolate diamond value. However, besides color, carat weight is a huge factor in fancy color diamond prices. Most fancy color diamonds are below one carat, so if you want to buy a bigger diamond, this significantly raises diamond prices you’re going to be looking at. Shape plays a more important role with chocolate diamonds than with colorless diamonds because some shapes have the feature of intensifying a color. This is true for all fancy color diamonds. Cushion and Radiant cut are the most popular diamond shapes because they intensify color the best. That’s why most chocolate diamond rings and earrings are fancy shapes. Ask for a free quote to get today’s diamond prices for chocolate diamonds. Our diamond experts can source the worldwide inventory of loose fancy colored diamonds to get you the best wholesale price available on the wholesale diamond market today.



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