Popular diamond cuts for a diamond earring
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Popular diamond cuts for diamond earrings

Earrings that are made using large carat diamonds and small carat diamonds are available for people to choose. People often choose for large carat diamonds if they want earrings for special occasions. For normal diamond earrings, people prefer smaller carat diamonds as the cost of such earrings will be less.

Selecting the right type of earring that will complement your natural beauty is very important, as a diamond earring can brighten up your entire look. The simplicity of diamond earrings can enhance the beauty of the person who is wearing the earring. However, selecting the right diamond cut for your earrings is also very important as the look of an earring will change based on the cut of the diamond mounted on your earring.

Popular diamond cuts for earrings

  • Round cut - This is the most popular cut that is used in most of the diamond jewelry and it is no different when it comes to the earrings. A normal round cut will have 58 facets and is a very popular choice. Small carat diamonds with round cut are very popular
  • Princess cut - This is the diamond cut that has recently found popularity among diamond lovers and is considered a bit less expensive than a perfect round cut. Princess cut is mostly used in diamond studs or in drop earrings and are usually square. There are also princess cut diamonds that are rectangular
  • Emerald cut - The emerald cut is rectangular and has corners that are trimmed. These are used in drop and stud diamond earrings and are a popular choice for smaller budgets

There are other cuts like the oval cut, the heart shaped cut, the marquise cut, triangle cut and the pear shaped cut also that are found in diamond earring designs. But they are not as popular as the round, princess or the emerald cut.

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