How to compare diamonds
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How to compare diamonds

If you are planning to buy loose diamonds or diamond jewelry, you could quickly find yourself in a dilemma over choosing diamonds. As the price of diamonds is determined by various factors such as shape, carat, color, clarity and cut, comparing diamonds is often a confusing and difficult task. The best way to compare diamonds is to do the comparison between diamonds that have similar characteristics. For example, it would be better to compare 0.5 carat diamond with 1 carat diamond that have the same shape and cut. In such situations, you will have to consider only the color, clarity and carat weight of the diamonds. This can help make the comparison process a lot easier and accurate.

Comparing diamonds

It is important to have some common factors between diamonds to ensure that you are able to compare them properly. The factors that you can identify easily are the shape and cut of the diamonds. By keeping these two factors the same, you can then start to compare the diamond options available to you. If you are looking for a large diamond, then you will have to go for higher carat diamond. Similarly, if you prefer to have a diamond that has good color and appearance, you can opt for lower carat diamond with good color grade and clarity. If you want a good diamond, you should opt for a diamond that has a minimum clarity of SI. Any diamond that is between the VVS and SI clarity range should be a good option.

With clarity decided, you can now focus on the color and carat weight of the diamond. If you want a diamond that has good color and brilliance, you will have to opt for a diamond that has a good color grade with a good cut. If you are more focused on the size of the diamond, you will have to opt for large carat diamond.

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