What carat weight is best for my ring?
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What carat weight is best for my ring?

Carat weight is the standard unit of weight that is used to measure gemstones including diamonds. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams and one gram is about 5 carats. Each carat is divided into 100 points to help weigh smaller diamonds. Half carat diamonds can be also represented as 50 points and is also known as a fifty pointer. The term carat is derived from carob bean, which is known for its uniform weight. Carob bean was used to balance scales while weighing gemstones. In the year 1907, carat was official accepted as the standardized unit of weight for gemstones and diamonds.

Identify carat weight for your ring

To identify the carat weight that is the best suited for your ring; you should consider the size of your finger, your budget and the size of the diamond setting. If you want a large diamond at a reasonable budget, you can opt for a diamond that has a good cut with I or J color grade and Sl1-Sl2 clarity. You should be aware that the diamond rates would increase sharply at the full carat and half carat weights. For example, 0.49 carat diamonds will cost considerably less than 0.51 carat diamonds. By opting for diamonds that are just below the half or full carat mark, you can save money while not having to compromise much on the size of the diamond. As the weight of the diamond is spread across the diamond, small size differences cannot be detected easily.

Another factor that has to be considered is the size of the finger in which the ring will be worn. If the finger is small, the diamond will appear bigger. For example, one carat diamonds will look bigger on a size 5 finger when compared to that of a size 8 finger. Therefore, if you have a small finger size, you can get away by opting for lower carat diamonds.

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