Brown diamonds
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Brown diamonds

The most common color
for loose diamonds in the industry

Meet the natural brown diamonds

Brown diamonds are the most common kind of diamonds in the diamond industry. Much more than yellow diamonds, pink diamonds or blue diamonds. The brown color is comparable to the color of cognac or chocolate depending of the diamond color intensity, which is why they are nicknames as cognac or chocolate diamonds by some. Even though brown diamonds are in oversupply, they are still desirable by the diamonds buyers. You will find brown diamonds in diamond rings, diamond earrings or diamond necklaces. Sometimes as center stone but more often as a deco rational diamond around for example a colorless stone.

The cause of the brown color

Brown Diamonds

Colorless diamonds and colored diamonds are created in nature due to several formation processes because in nature every different level in the ground has its own nitrogen, carbonite or hydrogen levels. Thus, inside the diamond you can often see birthmarks that they receive from Mother Nature which can be very visible or not at all. If the birthmarks of diamonds are very very small it could be graded by a gemological lab as a VVS1 which means very very small inclusions. But next to the birthmarks, the diamond will also receive a diamond color grade.

The brown color diamonds get their color because of the internal parallel grain lines. These parallel grain lines are nitrogen impurities which gives the diamond a brown color. For brown diamonds there are several variations. Some of the diamonds are cognac color, champagne color or chocolate color. Thus, brown diamonds come in many more variations from light to fancy deep.

Popular brown diamond jewelry combinations

There are many trends going on in the diamond industry, also for the brown diamonds. But which are the popular brown diamond jewelry combinations? Since trends can be good to follow but sometimes they’re not the best combinations. But if you keep these combinations in mind, your brown diamond gets the jewelry combination it deserves.

  • Make combinations with different types of gold Brown colored diamonds match perfectly with all different types of gold, especially rose gold.

  • Use the power of halo effect There are ring setting that creates a halo effect, which means that the center stones appear much larger than it is in reality. Since there are more brown diamonds available it is more affordable to a halo ring setting with multiple brown diamonds around for example a colorless stone.

Thus, if you are interested in creating brown diamond jewelry, such as engagement rings, wedding rings or promise ring it is possible to ask for a free quote. We will provide you with today’s brown diamond wholesale price.



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