Blue Diamond Ring
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Blue Diamond Ring

The most irresistible
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Step 1: DIAMOND SHAPE: How to choose ?

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The most mesmerizing diamond color

3,2 carat fancy blue diamond ringThere are many vibrant colors in the world of fancy colored diamond jewelry, but one of the most mesmerizing are without a doubt blue diamond rings. Colored diamond jewelry are set with fancy color diamonds, of which red and blue diamonds are amongst the rarest fancy colored diamonds. Blue diamond rings have an enchanting elegance due to the rarity of blue diamonds as well as the emotions a deep and intense fancy blue diamond evokes. Both blue loose diamonds and blue diamond rings have been fetching enormously high prices at diamond auctions in the recent few years. A recent exceptional 9.5 carat blue diamond was sold for $32 million at a Sotheby’s loose diamond and diamond jewelry auction in 2014. The selling price reached by the pear shaped diamond was the most ever paid for a blue diamond of this size and quality.

Blue diamond rings that match your personality

Fancy blue diamond ringMany women see fancy colored diamonds as a way to express their unique personality. Blue diamond rings have a sense of elegance and timeless sophistication. When you set sight on an intense blue diamond, your stare will be met with the cool and steady gaze of the magnificent blue diamond. Blue diamond rings have an incomparable allure and have been worn by royalty as statement jewelry for centuries. Especially when it comes to fancy colored diamonds, it is essential that you have a solid knowledge about diamond quality, buying diamonds, diamond color grading, grading reports such as GIA certification and how to source loose diamonds. Our expert team of jewelry designers has years of experience working with fancy colored diamonds and will make perfect blue diamond rings to meet and exceed your imaginations.

How to buy blue diamond rings the smart way

The first step to buying blue diamond rings is to educate yourself on diamond quality and diamond buying. When you are familiar with the 4Cs, you will understand that a blue 3.9 pear shape diamond is a smarter purchase than a 4.1 round diamond. This has to do with the exact carat weight and the diamond shape. When you buy fancy colored diamonds, the 4Cs take on a slightly different grading system as the intensity of the blue diamond color is grades in intensity, not the standard D – Z scale. Our wholesale diamond experts will be able to provide you with diamond buying advice to help you make a smart diamond purchase. Especially considering the recent diamond auctions where colored diamonds have broken record after record, buying colored diamonds has the potential to yield great profits – provided you receive expert advice.



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