Black Diamond Rings

Black Diamond Rings

Black diamond jewelry

Black diamond rings have a mysterious beauty

12 carat black diamond ringsBlack diamond rings are gaining in popularity which is driving the demand for black diamonds. Black diamond jewelry comes in all shapes and forms, but black diamond rings are the most popular. There is something unique and mysterious about the black diamond, with it’s striking and impressive look. Opposite to all other diamonds, colored or colorless, black diamond are not transparent. Many women love the look of black diamond rings because it matches with every outfit for any occasion. It is diamond jewelry you can wear every day. That’s why many people nowadays are buying black diamond engagement rings, so that they can enjoy their diamond engagement ring every day.

Are black diamonds real diamonds?

34 carat black diamond ringsYes. Natural black diamonds are classified as colored diamonds. However, some black diamonds are made synthetically but you will see that difference immediately in beauty, black diamond value, and they will not have GIA certificates. As with all fancy colored diamonds, black diamonds could have second degree modifying colors. For black diamonds these are often gray or white. Mystery has always been a part of the story behind black diamonds. Mostly their origins. According to the myth, natural black diamonds fell to the earth from the heavens as meteorites - which fits quite neatly if you’re buying black diamond engagement rings and propose to your loved one, a gesture of cosmic proportions.

Buying black diamond jewelry

The Diamond Registry gives you access to the worldwide inventory of loose black diamonds available around the world. Through our network, you will see all black diamonds for sale across the globe, on the wholesale diamond market. This means that you get to buy loose black diamonds at wholesale prices, which is far better priced that retail jewelry and the added margins to the black diamond value. With our in-house diamond jewelers, you will be able to create your very own black diamond jewelry. Bespoke diamond rings are no longer a luxury reserved for the few, but also accessible to you. Ask for a free quote to see what the current prices are for black diamonds on today’s diamond market.



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