Black diamond rings for women
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Black diamond rings
for women

The mysterious colored diamond that looks striking

The only loose diamond that is not transparent

Black diamond rings for women can look very dramatic but most of all very stunning. These natural black diamonds are not transparent. Opposite to colorless diamonds and colored diamonds they do not show any “fire”. Opposed to other colored diamonds, black diamonds become more unique when they show white or gray inclusions. However, for other colored diamonds or colorless diamonds an inclusion can make the diamond less unique and less valuable.

The cause of the black color in the diamond is caused by the internal graphite inclusions inside the diamond. But some of the people think black diamonds are not genuine but treated with radiation. Because they assume that black diamonds are naturally a bit greenish. Compared to other fancy color diamonds, they are less rare. When fancies are found in nature they often appear in smaller carat sizes.

Popular black diamond ring styles

Black diamond rings for womenThe popularity for black diamonds is increasing and this drives the demand for black diamond jewelry. Recently, a lot of new couples are wildly enthusiastic to give their loved ones very unique and stylish diamond jewelry set with black diamonds. Colored diamonds come in many different colors such as pink, green, blue, yellow, orange, or brown. But the black colored diamonds look striking and dramatic but most of all impressive. Therefore, black diamond rings are good diamond jewelry pieces to match with your outfit. Because black diamonds are not transparent and do not show fire, it is exactly what makes these diamonds look exceptionally breathtaking and mysterious. Many independent females would love princess cut engagement rings with black diamonds or a beautiful black emerald cut engagement ring. But in addition, black diamonds can fit perfectly as side diamonds, to give the jewelry a bit more spice. But at the same time many male rings are also set with black diamonds. Thus, black diamond rings for women are not the only item that gets more attention. Also, black diamond rings for men are getting the attention it deserves.


Where to find that perfect black diamond

Some say ladies have very particular taste and it is difficult to find that perfect diamond. However, for black diamonds or other diamonds it is recommended to go first to a trustable source. Secondly, it is smart to buy the diamond that comes with a GIA certificate. This ensures the quality of the diamond since it is tested in a gemological lab. Therefore, if you want to sell your diamond in the future, there will not be a discussion about the quality. But since the black diamonds belong to fancy colored diamonds it is more difficult to find it in retail stores. In this case, you will probably find your perfect black diamond with the help of a diamond wholesaler. Diamond wholesalers have connections and can search the loose diamond inventory. Do you want to know today’s black diamond price? Fill in a free quote form and we will search our worldwide network of diamond cutters, merchants and suppliers.



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