Recap: Diamond Jewelry at Emmys 2015
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Recap: Diamond Jewelry at Emmys 2015

This year most diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings or diamond necklaces were combined with platinum

Diamond ring Viola DavisIn Los Angeles not very long ago, the 67th Emmy awards occurred and the biggest Hollywood stars celebrated their great performance by wearing beautiful diamond jewelry. As always the red carpet brings forward a very strong trend, which was this time diamonds, rings, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings or diamond necklaces combined with platinum. But why do we all of the sudden love to combine diamonds with platinum?

Diamond Jewelry Sofia Vergara by Lorraine Schwartz

Nominated actress Elisabeth Moss explained that she wanted to go for a Hollywood glamour look as an ode to the end of Mad Men. In addition, she is in love with the way platinum makes the diamond sparkle. Therefore her stylist stacked her look with 7 vintage platinum bracelets filled with diamonds. Another platinum wearer says, platinum jewelry brightens the outfit, making it come to life. Furthermore platinum with diamonds is popular because, platinum is very versatile, natural white platinum enhances the brilliance of diamonds and colored gemstones.

Who were the others next to Elisabeth Moss that wore platinum?

  • Kerry Washington- wearing platinum ear studs with round diamonds weighing 5.22 carat together with two bands filled with round diamonds with a total weight of 6.84 carat
  • Taraji P. Henson- wearing platinum diamond drop earrings together with a platinum diamond ring and platinum diamond bracelet. Hitting a total of 1 million dollar worth on diamonds and platinum!
  • Lena Headey– wearing diamond ear studs and a platinum diamond ring
  • Viola Davis– wearing stunning diamond chandeliers earrings and a platinum diamond ring and bracelet
  • Mindy Kaling- wearing a platinum drop earring with diamonds and citrine, matching it together with a platinum ring with citrine
  • Jessica Para- wearing platinum earrings with a diamond swirl combining it with a platinum diamond bracelet and platinum diamond pinky ring
  • Marcia Gay Harden- wearing 3.36 carat platinum diamond ear studs
  • Julia Louis Dreyfus- wearing eye catching platinum diamond earrings of a total weight of 28.78 carat! Which better diamond jewelry could you wear to receive the award for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series right?

Diamond ring dreyfus But not only women were wearing platinum combined with diamonds on the red carpet. The men such as David Oyelowo showed platinum with diamonds in the arrow lapel pin. This arrow lapel pin had diamonds but also onyx. David Oyelowo made the finishing touch on his outfit by wearing platinum cufflinks with diamond an onyx. Another example is Fred Savage, wearing very manly platinum onyx dress set.

However, next to all the platinum with diamond jewelry other jewelry pieces such as that from Sofie Vergara made us wow too. She wore a beautiful gown, which showcased her figure very nicely making it complete by accessorizing it with Lorraine Schwartz array jewelry.



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