Rare 75.56 carat yellow diamond ring at Christie’s auction
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Rare 75.56 carat yellow diamond ring at Christie’s auction

The total sale including the fancy yellow diamond is estimated around 20 million USD!

75 carat yellow diamond ring up for auctions

This yellow diamond is super rare due to its size and intense color. In nature colored diamonds are not found that easily, especially if it is this size. Therefore, experts are speculating that the cushion cut yellow diamond is already estimated for 3 – 4 million USD. Quite a large part of total sales since the estimated total sale of the auction is 20 million USD. The items, which are in total 300 range from 3.000 USD to 3 million USD. Among these 300 individuals there is a broad selection of colored diamonds, colorless diamonds and colored gemstones.

The highlight lot of 75.56 carat is not only a cushion modified brilliant cut and fancy vivid yellow it is also mounted in 18 karat golden ring. In addition, the yellow diamond ring is accompanied with a report of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). To check out the GIA report of this fancy yellow diamond the GIA number is 5172146034.

Other lots are the 34.12 carat yellow diamond ring mounted in platinum and 18k gold, a pear shaped fancy intense yellowish-green diamond ring of more than 7 carat (7.11) with a pink diamond halo. Among the colorless diamonds there is a D color marquise cut diamond of 18.80 carat and the perfect circular cut diamonds pair of 20.02 and 20.01 carats. Furthermore, there will not only be diamond rings auctioned but also ceremonial knives, brooches, necklaces, watches and bracelets. Are you going to follow the auction on October 20?



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