New diamond jewelry trend for wedding rings
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New diamond jewelry trend for wedding rings

Linking your wedding ring with your stunning engagement ring

Caged wedding band a new diamond jewelry trendThe moment you receive an engagement ring it will be one of the most precious jewelry you will ever come to treasure. It will likely be a ring with diamond sparkle that will turn the heads of many. However, many of us might take off the engagement ring and replace it with the wedding ring. But with this new upcoming diamond jewelry trend your most precious jewelry can be combined and worn every day. Thanks to powerful and popular couples from Hollywood such as Natalie Portman and Carrie Underwood this trend called elaborately shaped wedding bands turned viral and is inspiring many brides-to-be around the globe.

Carrie Underwood diamond wedding ringThe new jewelry trend perfectly combines the engagement ring with the wedding ring band without making it look like two separate diamond rings. It will be two individual rings with both their own meaning that fit together. This fitting between engagement ring and wedding ring can be categorized in at least three different ways. It can be in the caged style, wishbone or under/overlaid. The caged wedding band takes the engagement ring which could be a prong setting in between the wedding band whereby it enlarges the whole engagement ring in total. If you choose the under/overlaid style there will be a matching wedding band on top or under the engagement ring. But if you prefer the wishbone wedding band you will like the engagement ring style of Carrie Underwood. Because that is a wishbone wedding ring which means there is a matching wave band around the engagement ring. In addition, some of us like to keep this wedding band plain without loose diamonds mounted onto it since the engagement ring is already sparkling. However, with a filled wedding band you can create a halo effect, which enlarges the center tone.

Whatever kind of wedding ring style you will choose in this trend, you will enjoy your engagement ring and wedding ring at the same time. But keep in mind that these wedding bands do need precise and accurate craftsmanship since it has to fit each other without looking separate.

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