Statistics show more women are buying their own diamonds
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Statistics show more women are buying their own diamonds

Buying diamond jewelry for themselves for fun or investment is getting more common, find out more

Women buying their own diamondsIn the household today, who really buys the diamonds? Surprisingly for some, it is the women who are buying the diamond jewelry at the moment. Probably another result of the fact that women are becoming more independent. In the survey that has been done, more than half of the woman admitted they bought a diamond themselves recently, and buying a diamond. The women would buy the diamonds mainly as a treat, for fun or as a bonus for the good work they have done.

Mainly women that are buying diamonds for themselves are professionals aged 45 or higher. The disposable household income of the independent women buying diamonds is more than $90,000. Not only do they buy in stores or online, but the women are participating in diamond jewelry auctions. A place which traditionally was dominated by male buyers. Take for example auction house Bonhams, they state that most of the diamond jewelry sold at the last auction in London was bought by women buyers. That women started buying diamonds for themselves is a global trend according to the experts. Some experts from Bonham auction house even say that one-third of the buyers of this year will be female. Only in Hong Kong are these statistics estimated to be different. Because today’s Hong Kong’s figure of female buyers is already up to 41% of the purchases in auction houses. At diamond auction houses, ready to wear diamond jewelry is sold or loose diamonds are sold. No matter the diamond jewelry product, women are not waiting for the men anymore to make the diamond purchase.

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