Meet the “Kim Kardashian of China”'s engagement ring!
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Meet the “Kim Kardashian of China” whose engagement ring has an amazing design!

In total the wedding cost was $31 million USD, how much was AngelaBaby her diamond ring?

5 carat diamond engagement ring

Having a wedding that cost 31 million USD is for many of us unbelievable, but AngelaBaby (Angela Yeung) had it with an engagement ring that will blow your mind! Everything of the wedding was arranged and appeared beautiful just like the diamond ring with a five carat pear shape diamond. The wedding is according to Forbes more expensive than the Oscars and the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (12 million USD).

Angela Yeung is a famous actress who married actor Huang Xiaoming in Shanghai exhibition center last October 8, together with more than 2000 guest including famous celebrities. Before the big marriage in Shanghai the fans and public could already get in the wedding zone by watching the pre-wedding photos of the couple. The pre-wedding photos were made in Paris matching the right diamond jewelry with the lovely gowns from ELIESAAB. The outrageous cost of this wedding is again so unbelievable that we can give more perspective by considering that an average wedding in the US cost 26.000 USD and that Prince William and Kate’s royal wedding was 34 million USD.

But what drove this wedding to that amazing 31 million USD? Here a few mind blowing features:

  • The wedding had a pre-photo shoot session in Paris with diamond jewelry and ELIESAAB couture gowns
  • The wedding had filled the Shanghai Exhibition Centre full with roses
  • The wedding had big screens showing the couple its pre-wedding photo shoot pictures
  • The wedding had an amazing diamond ring to make the dream wedding complete. Angela Yeung her diamond ring was 1.5 million USD due to the 5 carat pear shaped diamond, 6 smaller pear shape diamonds and a half carat of smaller brilliant cut diamonds.

Not yet amazed by the Chinese Kim Kardashian? Well,

  • The wedding also invited more than 2000 guests, including biggest celebrities of East Asia, which received an amazing gift bag that even included cell phones.
  • The wedding couple also wore clothing that was specially made for that big day. Angela wore a gown with nearly 100 hand made rose bouquets made of Chantilly lace. According to Forbes, that dress took 5 months to create!
  • The wedding also had a unique 10 foot tall carousel shaped wedding cake that already took over a month to assemble.
  • The wedding also had a holographic castle, which made the whole wedding more fairytale than it already was due to the giant wall of flowers

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All the luck fo the newly weds!



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