How to get the correct engagement ring size?
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How to get the correct engagement ring size?

Useful tips to find out your partner’s diamond ring size without ruining the surprise

  Proposing to your loved one, who will be totally surprised, is amazing but how do you get the correct engagement ring size to slip on her finger? Very logical question and many before you had the same struggle as finding out the diamond ring size can be tricky. However, there are several methods to find out the correct engagement ring size, read on.

Engagement ring size how to choose

Help hotline- Ask her friends
Friends are always there when you need them and perfect in situations like this. Reach out to hotline friends and let them go out for a girls night, fun day or ideally shopping. Them dropping the ring size question nonchalantly or trying rings in a store works. Just one text of your friend to you, with store name, ring setting and your in! Be sure your friends have acting skills.

Borrow one of her rings

When you are able to snatch one of her rings without her noticing it’s gone, you can bring it to the jeweler to match sizes. Be very sure she will not notice it otherwise it might backfire on you. In addition, if you snatch a ring, make sure you take the right ring… as ring finger on the left is not the same as the one on the right. For sure, jewelers are able to come up with an approximation but why take the chance if snatching another right ring is possible.

ONLY IF YOU CAN- be subtle
Subtle is not for everyone and definitely not if you are too nervous to find out the ring size. If you do posses the ability to be subtle try to pretend for example buying a ring for your mom, aunt, sister or friend while asking her to come with for the size and help. Otherwise casually playing with her rings can make clear which finger of you is her size. Note, that left and right hand fingers differ from each other.

Sketch the inside of the ring
Not sure if borrowing one of her rings for a day will go unnoticed? Get paper, pen and her ring. Draw the circle of the inside and outside of the ring and take this to the jeweler. Do this drawing several times to be sure the ring traces look consistent and the jeweler can take the right diameter of your ring sketch.

Press it in soap

Engagement ring size correct size
Trouble sketching the inside of the ring due to shaking fingers, grab a soap and press the ring of your partner a bit to create the circle. This circle has diameter, which, can be measured by the jeweler, and there is your correct ring size- unless you took the wrong ring to measure of course.

DIFFICULT yet not 100% accurate- compare fingers
Are you that good of an actor, try compare your fingers with hers when you are holding her hand or cuddling on the couch watching Netflix. Maybe you find out her ring finger is as big as your pinky.

If all above methods fail and you are the straightforward partner without any other possible methods to find out, ask her. Getting married must have came up between you both, so it needs to happen anyway you can ask her outright. The element of surprise will still be there as she will not know when the proposal shall happen, where and how.

Good luck and remember don’t stress as engagement rings are often resizable for free!

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