New statistics show Hong Kong Women care about diamond size
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New statistics show Hong Kong Women care about diamond size

Which carat size would the average Hong Kong woman prefer?

The Victory Diamond Highest Price Per Carat Record   Recently a survey of the Diamond Federation in Hong Kong showed that Hong Kong women do care about the diamond size. The poll has been carried out between November and December in Hong Kong estimating how large in carat size their engagement ring will be. The poll asked around 600 women and 400 men in the age category of 25 to 64 ranging in occupations and income levels. In addition, the women and men had been living in Hong Kong for more than 12 months.

The survey shows in percentage the diamond expectations of the male and females. At the question “How large would you expect your engagement ring to be?” the females answer was a larger diamond than the men. While 32% of the men said they'd buy a 1 to 2 carat diamond ring for their loved one, while almost 50% of the females expected 1 to 2 carat diamond ring. In addition, only 2.3% of the men in Hong Kong were ready to splurge on a 2 to 3 carat diamond ring, while 6.6% of the women expected to receive this diamond size.

Besides the diamond size of the diamond the survey shares that 77% of the female respondents would feel “disappointed” if the diamond ring given to them would not be natural. Resulting in 47.5% of the total respondents saying if it is not natural diamond they would not wear the ring. Synthetic diamonds are not associated with being rare and precious by most of the men and women respondents. The significance of symbolizing eternal love with a synthetic diamond is lacking according to the 77% of the polled ones. So even if the diamond size matters for the Hong Kong women, they would rather go smaller instead of synthetic since it does not symbolize eternal love and isn't considered to be precious.

Does diamond size also matter to you? Read more information of this survey at the Diamond Federation in Hong Kong and feel free to ask what the today’s price is for your favorable diamond size.

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