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Rare & High Priced Investment Gemstones Featured in these upcoming Fall Jewelry Auctions

A Red Ruby ring is one of the unique jewelry pieces that is estimated to fetch 12 million!

   Auction houses like Christie’s and Phillips are featuring at their fall jewelry auction very high priced Investment Gemstones. These gemstones that will hit the auction are expected to fetch very high prices up to 12 million for rare pieces such as the Ratnaraj Ruby. Read on and get to know the rare investment gemstones that are up this fall.

Up at Christie’s Auction House

High priced diamond investment Christie
Christie’s is presenting at its fall auction very rare and investment worthy gemstones. The top lot is by far the Ratnaraj Ruby of 10.05-carat that is estimated to fetch 12 million USD. The Burmese ruby that is named king of precious stones is defined as a “pigeon’s blood’ ruby which means that the color is highly saturated and the red fluorescence is natural, while this saturated red is very unusual. The bidding for this extraordinary Burmese ruby that is set in a ring with diamonds starts at $8.8 million with a high estimated fetch price of $12.5 million. The seller of this rare ruby ring is also the world record holder of highest ruby price at an auction after selling the Red Emperor necklace weighing 104-carat for about $10 million back in 2014.

Besides the top lot Ratnaraj, Christie’s will offer a smaller Burmese ruby of 5.01-carat that is estimated between $1.5 million to $2.3 million. In addition, a fancy vivid blue diamond with clarity grade Internally flawless, which is the highest clarity grade possible. The price estimated for the blue pear shaped diamond ring is from $9.5 million to $12 million. Lastly as highlight of the auction on November 29 there is a 16.36-carat Kashmir sapphire ring with diamonds side stones in the ring.

Up at Phillips Auction House

One day before Christie’s Phillips auction house is presenting on November 28 in Hong Kong several high priced investment gemstones. With as highlights of the auction the Burmese pigeon’s blood ruby and diamond earrings with an estimated price of $570,000 to $770,000 dollar. Matching to the earrings there is a 4.61-carat Burmese ruby ring that is estimated to fetch up to $380,000 dollar.
Besides rubies, Phillips shall feature an investment pink diamond of 7.93-carat, which is very rare due to its color but also its grade which is fancy pink. Due to this rare size for a fancy pink diamond this pink pear shaped diamond ring is expected by experts to fetch up to $3.3 million.
Not only the leaves turn colored this fall, the gemstones too!

High priced diamond investment Phillips Auction House
According to Johan Dippenaar, the chief executive officer of Johannesburg-based Petra Diamonds, the slump for gems smaller than three grains is partly due to stockpiling. Furthermore, consultant Gemdax shared that manufacturers are nowadays more interested in bigger and higher quality diamonds as those are sold faster. While furthermore there has been a slip of 18% last year due to the slowing down of demand by Chinese and a slow down at industry-wide credit crunch cut purchases. Due to all these negative influences on the diamond sale De Beers and Alrosa were prompted to hold back supplies in order to support the diamond prices.

This action created a recovery in the diamond industry, yet the recovery did not stretch over all the diamond types. As Bloomberg describes “among small diamonds, those classified as fine quality have this year outperformed so-called commercial stones, the poorer clarity varieties often off-white or brown in color.”

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